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Tech Myths: CD Chills and Phone Thrills

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Myth: You can improve the sound quality of CDs simply by freezing and then thawing them.

A teacher once commented to me that magic is simply the alteration of perception. Do rabbits really spawn out of top hats? Of course not. We all know the basic laws of physics. But that difference between what we know and what we see, that disconnect between reason and observation, therein lies magic…or insanity, depending on the situation.

Does it sound insane to say that you can get better sound quality from a CD simply by sticking it in the freezer overnight? I sure thought so. Yet I found many references across the Web to people swearing by this trick. This one from was particularly notable:

Back in January 1993, I happened to read a copy of Audiophile magazine in which, an article written by Jimmy Hughes extolled the joys of freezing CD's for better sound.

(Shown in this photo: Norwegian musician Terje Isungset playing on instruments made of ice. Would freezing improve these recordings, too?)