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Cellphone Jammer Disguised as a Pack of Cigs

Some guys just can't take a hint that flaunting their cellphones around polite company is just plain rude. Now most people would just ask the other party to please put the overpriced gadget away before they get a mouthful of fist, but this direct approach is considered rude for anyone who's not a hardened Brooklyn-er.

With their extensive background in subterfuge and espionage, it's no wonder that the overly-polite Chinese have come up with a much subtler solution: a cellphone jammer. Not just any signal-breaker either; it's cleverly disguised as a pack of cigarettes.

It blocks 3G, GSM, DCS, and PHS signals, so no matter the cellphone make and provider of your companion, you can be assured of a quiet, uninterrupted meeting. Just don't forget to bring an extra pack of smokes; you'll never know when the other guy will get so frustrated at getting no signal that he'll just need a cigarette or two to take the edge off.

[source: Chinavision via Geek Alerts]