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Canon's New Rebel T5 Rivals Top-End Rebel For $300 Less

Canon's EOS Rebel T5i is a great rig for budding photographers looking to up their game, but its $850 price tag isn't as appealing. Looking to make its Rebel line more accessible, Canon has released the Rebel T5 - a cheaper version of the flagship Rebel T5i. The T5 is expected to retail in March for $549 bundled with the same EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens that the T5i comes with. That's $300 less than the T5i.

To hit the lower price, the T5 had to shed some functions from its more powerful brother. Both cameras pack the same 18-megapixel CMOS sensor, but the T5 uses the DIGIC 4 processor instead of the DIGIC 5 on the T5i. Instead of an ISO light-sensitivity limit of up to 25,600, you get up to ISO 12,800 on the T5. This means you can still shoot in a very dark room, but you won't get as much detail. The T5 also shoots at 3 fps compared to the 5 fps on the T5i. Still, for $549, you'll be getting Canon's latest sensor and a still-wide ISO range to accommodate various light conditions in the Rebel's easy-to-use setup.

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The T5 is also compatible with Canon's lines of EF and EF-S lenses, along with accessories such as the new Macro Ring Lite flash, which lets you better light extreme closeup shots. It supports 1080p video recording and in-camera editing and features built-in effects such as brightness, contrast and effects filters.

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