Nokia Still Beats Apple Easily in the Mobile Browsing Market

In fact, it is Nokia that is the leading mobile browsing brand, which beats Apple with a 32.51 percent to 24.87 percent advantage. Samsung is a distant third with 14.02 percent, followed by RIM with 6.7 percent, Sony with 3.08 percent and HTC with 2.78 percent.

However, the chart shows a clear decrease of Nokia market share, while Apple appears to be about flat. Samsung has been slightly gaining, while all others have been losing brand market share in the mobile browsing market, according to StatCounter.

The web analytics firm estimated overall Android (default) mobile browser market share at 21.16 percent in march, just behind Opera with 22.86 percent. The iOS was at 20.1 percent, and Nokia's Symbian browser at 11.86 percent. The victory in the mobile OS battle went to Symbian (31.48 percent), which prevailed over iOS (23.99 percent) and Android (23.61 percent).