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Best Amazon Echo Bundle Deals

Amazon's Echo family of devices are great on their own, but when paired with the right smart home device, they're a lot more compelling.

While Amazon frequently discounts many of its Echo hardware, unfortunately, the retailer isn't as forthcoming about its bundle deals, which forces shoppers to dig around to find the best deals.

So we're putting the spotlight on them for you. We're rounding up the best Echo/Alexa smart home bundles so that you can outfit your smart home with the best gear and save money in the process.

Fire HD 10 + Echo Dot

We like this bundle for the simple reason that it includes a free Echo Dot with the purchase of a Fire HD 10 Tablet. The Fire HD 10 has the best display of any Fire tablet and with the included Echo Dot, you'll be able to spread Alexa throughout your house. 

Echo Dot + WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Sooner or later, every Echo owner will want to pair their Alexa device with another smart home gadget, and this combo is the perfect start. The WeMo Mini Smart Plug lets you control whatever device is connected to it — such as your lights — with Alexa voice commands. It's the most practical bundle for anyone looking to give their home a smart upgrade. Even better, it saves you $8. 

Echo w/ WeMo Mini Smart PlugView Deal

Echo Plus + Philips Hue

The new Echo Plus has a built-in ZigBee smart home hub, which makes it seamless to pair with ZigBee-friendly smart home devices, such as the Philips Hue bulb that's included in this bundle. It's $15 cheaper than buying each device separately and because this bundle has been available since the Echo Plus' launch, there's a good chance it'll be around for even longer.

Echo Plus w/ Philips HueView Deal

Echo Spot + Cloud Cam

The Echo Spot and Cloud Cam make for an excellent duo. Video recorded by the Cloud Cam can be fed directly to your Echo Spot's screen, so you can see who's at the front door or keep tabs on the baby's room via your Echo Spot. This bundle is $40 cheaper than buying each device individually.

Echo Spot w/ Cloud CamView Deal

Echo Show + Cloud Cam

If the Echo Spot's 2.5-inch screen is too small for your needs, this bundle is sure to satisfy. It pairs the Echo Show, which sports a larger 7-inch LCD, with the Cloud Cam. Like the aforementioned bundle, it can send a live feed of the Cloud Cam's POV straight to your Echo Show. It's also $50 cheaper than purchasing them separately.

Louis Ramirez

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