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Apple AirPods 2 Launch Looks Imminent

Many had hoped that Apple would unveil the new AirPods 2 at its Mac and iPad press event last month. But it didn't. And now, once again there's hope the wireless earbuds are coming soon.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

A new generation of AirPods have cleared a major hurdle by earning mandatory Bluetooth SIG certification, MySmartPrice is reporting. The certification agency, which needs to approve any device that uses Bluetooth, certified Apple devices with model numbers of A2031 and A2032.

According to the leak, which was earlier reported on by 9to5Mac, the devices feature Bluetooth 5.0, which should increase range, reliability, and battery life.

It's rather interesting that two AirPods devices were certified in the launch. Apple's first-generation AirPods came in a single version that cost $159. But the fact that two AirPods versions were approved with Bluetooth 5.0 suggests the company might have something up its sleeve if and when the devices launch.

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There have been reports previously that say Apple is looking at health features for its new AirPods. Those reports have said that the AirPods could be used to track and record health data from your ears and perhaps work with the Apple Watch to create a more cohesive health-tracking experience.

It's possible, then, that Apple might be working on two models. The first might come with standard features and be a direct successor to the first-generation AirPods. The second model could be the higher-end health-tracking AirPods.

Still, the big question on everyone's mind centers on when the AirPods might actually launch.

Some reports had pegged the AirPods 2 launch for late 2018, with many hoping that Apple's press event last month would play host to the unveiling. That never happened. Now, with new certifications in tow, it's possible the AirPods 2 could hit store shelves just before the holidays.