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Vodafone Truck Charges 2,000 Phones at Festivals

With multiple day outdoor festivals and events becoming increasingly popular, more and more attendees are running into problems with battery life, something that can become a big problem in a sea of thousands of people. Luckily for those unfortunate enough to run out of battery power, London's Vodafone has just announced its brand new "VIP recharging truck".

The VIP recharging truck features 2,000 individual cubbies that are capable of each charging a different portable device. For Vodafone customers, this handy service will come free of charge. Although Vodafone's truck is currently scheduled to visit 11 different events this year, it is sure to make an even bigger return in the future.

Hopefully for other festival goers around the world, major cell phone companies are taking notes as Vodafone's generosity in providing this convenience will bring the company much success and attention.