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Samsung Launches App to Monitor Galaxy Users' Health

Samsung has launched a brand new application designed to help smartphone users monitor their health. Dubbed S Health, the application is capable of plotting out certain aspects of your health, such as your weight and blood sugar, on a graph and keeping track of these factors over time. Samsung describes S Health as a personal wellness application to help users maintain a healthier lifestyle. However, if you want to take full advantage of all the app has to offer, you'll likely need some additional gadgets.

The app ties in with additional healthcare sensors, such as the Lifescan blood glucose meter, OMRON's blood pressure monitor and body composition scales, or A&D's blood pressure monitor and body composition scales, via Bluetooth or USB. It then creates graphs or tables based on the readings received from these sensors and tracks your progress over time. Users can also manually enter details on diet, exercise, and medication intake and share their progress and experiences on Twitter.

Currently only available for download in the United Kingdom, Samsung offered no indication as to when we can expect the app to become available in additional territories.

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