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Samsung Sells a Million Galaxy Tabs

Way back in September, Samsung's Hankil Yoon told the Wall Street Journal that the company expects to ship 10 million Galaxy Tabs and take a third of the global tablet market in 2011. Short-term plans for 2010 were to ship one million Galaxy Tabs and the company has done it well ahead of schedule. Despite the fact that we've got a little over three weeks until the calendars switch over to 2011, Samsung this past weekend confirmed that it has sold one million Galaxy Tabs.

EWeek reports that just a couple of weeks after announcing it had sold over 600,000 tablets, Samsung has managed to hit the one million milestone. Spokesperson Kim Titus confirmed the news but the company has yet to make a formal announcement about the achievement.

Despite comments that Apple's iPad had sold two million iPads in its first two months of availability, this truly is great news for Samsung. Hankil Yoon told the WSJ in September of this year that the company eventually plans to have a whole Galaxy Tab line, and that it is exploring the possibility of 10-inch or six-inch versions. This will no doubt strengthen the company's resolve to make the Galaxy Tab a successful line of products, rather than just a single tablet.

Still, Samsung's confirmation of the rumors have failed to clarify if this is a case of one million units actually sold to customers, or if it is one million units shipped to retailers. We'll keep you posted and update when we know more.

Source: EWeek, All Things D