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RIM Restores Service Following Three-day Outage

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has announced that services have resumed around the globe following a three day outage of BBM and email services. Founder Mike Lazaridis announced the news during a phone in press conference this morning, hot on the heels of an apology video shared in the early hours of this morning. Lazaridis also mentioned that the folks over at BlackBerry working to resolve the issue haven't been home since Monday, so when they said they were 'working around the clock' to restore services, it actually wasn't just a figure of speech. A message on RIM's support page confirmed that services are now operating normally worldwide:

"BlackBerry services are operating well globally," the statement reads. "BlackBerry Support teams continue to monitor the situation around the clock to ensure ongoing service stability. Some customers in Canada and Latin America who are sending messages to other regions may see intermittent message delays. Support teams are actively addressing this."

Lazaridis said that the company is taking steps to ensure something like this doesn't happen again and said it was frustrating that they hadn't been able to fix the problem sooner. He also said there would be an investigation into the system failure that caused the outage. RIM said yesterday that a core switch had failed in Europe, and then the back failed as well, leading to a 'cascading failure' and a backlog of data that affected other regions.

"Systems like this don't fail this way," he told CTV. "They are designed not to fail this way, so [the investigation is] going to take some time, I'm sure of that."

  • Inferno1217
    "Like we promised we will have our service up and running we are damn good and ready."
    Probably sabotage
  • Stardude82
    RIM is still in business?
  • lamorpa
    17% of their users switched to an iPhone or an Android phone in the last 3 days (That's 27 people, by the way)
  • fonzy
    Sabotage, the Illuminati want BlackBerry for there own.
  • verbalizer
    I didn't even notice and I have a BlackBerry, that's weird..
  • jonathan_rg
    Será obra de Anonymous?
    Como sea, la cagaron, y fatalmente. :D
  • radium69
    Drawback of a closed system O0
  • halcyon
    I hope RIM is learning its lesson.
  • normano
    I did not see many problems with the outage, unlike those sad people who have become so dependant on BBM that they were acting like they had just lost a loved one