Cell Phone Case Reduces Radiation by 60%

Pong Research said today at CES that its latest cell phone protective case is now available for the Blackberry Curve smartphone, fitting the 6300, 8310, 8320, and 8330 models. The new case joins Pong Research's current offerings for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The case doesn't come cheap--it will cost Curve owners a whopping $59.95 USD.

Is it worth the hefty price? Perhaps. What makes this case so unique is its claims to reduce the user's exposure to cell phone radiation up to 60-percent. The claim is also backed and verified by FCC-certified laboratories (Cetecom), making it a possible--if not plausible--investment. Specifically, the case should reduce the Specific Absorption Rate by 60-percent, and the Electric Field Intensity by 85-percent.

"I am convinced that the best way to prevent health hazards stemming from cell phone radiation is to redirect this energy from the user," said Dr. Alfred Wong, chief scientist of Pong Research, professor emeritus of physics at University of California Los Angeles in today's press release. "These phone cases exemplify many years of research into precise antenna structure in order to couple with the energy from the phone’s internal antenna."

Pong Research said that the basis behind the technology is to channel the radiation away from the end user by employing principles of antenna theory and physics. However, according to the company, the actual signal strength isn't disrupted, allowing the phone to function normally and preserve the battery's lifespan. To learn more about the science, check out the "How It works" demonstration here.

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