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Unlocked Pre 2 to Be Available Direct from HP

While we're busy fantasizing about the half dozen new Palm mobile devices HP is expected to launch next year, the company is focusing on events in the more immediate future. The Palm Pre 2 is launching on Verizon later this year, but HP looks to be taking a leaf out of Google's book as an unlocked version of the device will apparently be available directly from the company too.

Confirmed just two weeks ago, the Palm Pre 2 will be HP's first WebOS 2.0 device and will hit France before the United States. Though we still have no specific release date for the U.S. and Canada (other than 'the coming months'), it seems Palm has no problem dropping hints about availability. Speaking with, Tim Pettitt, product manager for HP-Palm, revealed that a GSM version of the device will be "available direct from"

Pettitt didn't give much else away, nor did he talk any more about when we can expect to be able to purchase the device. However, he did mention that the phone uses Gorilla Glass to keep the display from getting all scratched up. If that name sounds familiar, it's because it's the same material used in the iPhone 4, the Samsung Galaxy series, the Dell Streak and Aero, and a whole mess of other mobile devices.

Check the video below for a dull demo of the Palm Pre 2.

Source: YouTube via Engadget

  • burnley14
    I really like this idea of buying phones directly from the production companies. Obviously the only down side is the huge cost up front, but hopefully the price won't be unreasonable.
  • renegadenukes
    Palm Pre 2 looks pretty solid, just wonder if there's still life in WebOS and whether it's going to make an impact in the Blackberry / Android / iOS / WP7 war
  • miloo
    i never use a palm phone before, this make me want to try one ~
  • shizen
    i want freedom to choose..
  • koga73
    i used to love my palm pre. the software is great, but the hardware was cheap. After a year and numerous drops my palm pre was done for. the power button broke so to turn it on or off i had to pop it off with a knife and press the inner button. The silence slider also completly broke. If you slid it to vibrate only it would get stuck in a loop where it would turn on then off the vibrate only in the software causing the phone to vibrate in my pocket. The "cap" that covers the power port on the phone came off and was lost.

    I loved WebOS tho lol