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Metal Gear Solid Sneaking to iPhone

Earlier this month, Konami and Kojima Productions launched a teaser site announcing that there will be a next Metal Gear game, and this week we finally know what it will be.

The new title is called Metal Gear Solid Touch and is currently being developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, marking the biggest video game franchise yet to hit Apple’s portable platform.

According to IGN’s read of Japanese magazine Famitsu, players can drag their fingers on the screen to move Snake – the series’ protagonist – and tap the screen to make him fire his weapon. Zooming works with pinch gestures, as it does with other iPhone Apps.

Although the upcoming game is based on settings seen in Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PlayStation 3, the touch App will be simpler affair. In fact, series creator Hideo Kojima described Metal Gear Solid Touch as a “Simple MGS.”

Metal Gear Solid appearing on an Apple platform should be no surprise, given the amount of Apple love in MGS4. Otacon used a MacBook Pro, while Solid Snake carried around with him an iPod.

Metal Gear isn’t the only Konami title to hit the iPhone and iPod Touch, however, as Dance Dance Revolution S Lite, Frogger and Silent Hill: The Escape are set to hit the App store before the end of the year. Metal Gear Solid Touch is slated for a spring 2009 release.