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MMS for iPhone Rollout Comes Two Weeks Early

Back in June Apple announced that it was adding MMS functionality with iPhone 3.0. Even though AT&T couldn’t make it happen until "later in the summer," iPhone owners were very, very happy. However, as the summer months wore on, AT&T couldn't (or wouldn't) specify a date for when it would support the function, despite the fact that most other countries had already rolled it out. Last week AT&T announced that customers using the iPhone would finally get MMS on September 25.

With 11 days left until September 25, several reports this morning indicate that many iPhone owners on AT&T can already send MMS. Are you one of the lucky ones? If so, welcome to 2005. It's all so exciting!

Just as an FYI, PC World reports that iPhone users who say MMS is working for them are typically running iPhone OS 3.1 with carrier file 5.0.