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Japanese Cell Phone Displays Real 3D

With the multimedia industry finally divulging into 3D technology, it was only a matter of time before portable devices followed suit.

So what, then, would be the purpose of having a 3D display on a mobile phone? A better question to ask is this: why not? After all, television and PC gaming are already entering the 3D realm, offering an immersion one locked away behind movie theater doors and view master screens. Look at it this way: remember when PC game were virtually flat and consisted of pixelated objects, their shadows and highlights defined by mere color changes in individual dots (pixels)? Now games sport polygons, massive amounts of polygons that combine into various forms and transform the flat 2D pixelated world into an engrossing 3D realm (no pun intended, Duke). 

With that said, it's easy to see why consumers want the 3D experience: we don't like living in a 2D world. Adding the 3D element brings that incredible movie to life, those drama TV shows more depth and emotion. Granted one can't find these things on a cell phone, not unless there's a good TV show or movie playing on the device. In Japan, cell phone users already enjoy the luxury of watching digital TV by phone, and now, thanks to the Hitachi Wooo H001 cell phone, interaction with a mobile phone just got a bit more personal.

Currently provided by KDDI Corp, the Wooo H001 is a flip top phone that doesn't look like anything overly spectacular. However, located at the bottom left of the keypad is a 3D button that activates the 3-dimensional abilities on the 3.1-inch liquid crystal display. Selected menu buttons will appear to protrude forward against a backdrop of other menu buttons. Background wallpapers will appear to protrude through the screen, and objects will feel more realistic and physical thanks to the built-in filters that prevents the user from wearing those pesky special glasses.

According to the KDDI website, either the phone's flip screen is dual-hinge, or there is an additional model that allows the screen to open outwards longways, presenting itself as a makeshift Nintendo DS. We vote for the dual-hinge. Additionally, images on the website hint to Sega, so there's a good chance gaming companies are already taking advantage of the phone and its technology. 

Digging a little bit deeper, apparently the Wooo H001 weighs in around 145g with dimensions of 51 x 111 x 18.6. The phone also has a display resolution of 845x480, a 5-megapixel camera module with AF, Video on Demand, a 1SEG TV tuner, e-wallet, supports microSD cards and more. There were no specifications regarding the actual battery, but if the iPhone and iPod Touch are any indication, a mobile device generating 3D images may very well consume a lot of power rather quickly. 

According to KDDI, the Wooo H001 will come in Red, Purple, and white, selling for $510USD. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring the phone over to the States or other overseas markets so far, but hopefully that will change in the future.