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Headphones Double Up As Portable Speakers

Don't be fooled by its name, the Sinus Headphones concept is actually a regular pair of headphones. That is if a regular pair of headphones can also transform into portable speakers. Developed by Tino Klaehne, the Sinus concept features a rotatable ear cup and collapsible design that allows the headphones to be worn on the head or inverted to become speakers.

Klaehne's concept is a great way to share your music, but the important factor in the headphone speaker transformation is definitely the quality and volume of sound. There is definitely a design conflict when you think about their individual functions. Headphones on one hand are designed to contain sound in a small area, your ears, while speakers are designed to blast music in a much larger area. If the Sinus Headphones can tackle these issues without sacrificing sound quality, they could become a convenient and stylish hit.