Google Buys reMail iPhone App, Takes it Off Apple

For those of you who haven't heard of reMail, it's basically an iPhone app that downloads all your mail to your phone to provide offline search for mail. Though it sounds daunting, the reMail team can reportedly squish 100,000 emails into 500 megabytes, which is just a sliver of the space on your phone. A search through the iPhone's mail app might take 10 seconds but reMail can perform the same search in just two so you can imagine how useful it was for people who had ponied up the cash for it.

While financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, it looks like Google first and foremost wanted reMail removed from the App Store. reMail CEO Gabor Cselle blogged about the acquisition and informed users that he would be taking up residence as product manager on the Gmail team. Cselle detailed that he and the team at Google had "decided to discontinue reMail's iPhone application." reMail is no longer available from the App Store.

So, who wants to bet we'll see reMail for Android in the very near future?

reMail Demo

Read Cselle's full post here.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Looks like the dark side of Google is beginning to show.
  • cryogenic
    So Apple's fiercest competitor is not Microsoft, it's Google! Go figure!
  • marcusmurphy
    bustaprGoogle: "Apple, your apps are belong to us!"

    The correct connotation would be:

    All your app are belong to us!
  • Other Comments
  • mfarrukh
    Looks Positive
  • theuerkorn
    Great for Google and remail, I guess. Bad move though to discontinue support and have users stranded. I know MS wouldn't get away with it and Apple would get lots of hate mail too. Let's hope Google stays sane. Seems like they're going the wrong way. (Just when I started to think about Android to be on my next phone.)
  • Spanky Deluxe
    Looks like the dark side of Google is beginning to show.