Teenager Injured By Exploding iPhone

Contributing Writer

According to the AFP, the teen claims his girlfriend's iPhone shattered, resulting in an eye injury for him. The phone began making a hissing noise and the screen suddenly broke, sending pieces flying in the air, the boy's mother told the AFP.

"My son was frightened but he did not lose an eye," said Marie-Dominique Kolega.

The news echoes a similar and very recent story from the UK. Apple reportedly try to buy the silence of an 11-year-old Liverpudlian and her family after her father complained that her iPod had exploded. Ken Stanborough says he dropped his daughter's iPod and it started to make a hissing noise. Stanborough picked up the device and, upon feeling the iPod getting hotter in his hand, threw it out into the back yard where within 30 seconds, the device "popped" and jumped 10 feet into the air in a puff of smoke.

After contacting Apple, the Briton claims the Cupertino-based company offered him a full refund but stipulated that in accepting the refund, the family was agreeing to not tell anyone about episode.

While the AFP reports that the mother of the French teen contacted Apple, the company's response is not yet known.