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Samsung Prepping Dual-core Phone for Q1 2011

Over the last couple of years, mobile phones have evolved into very powerful pocket-computers. We're already at the stage where some smartphones are packing the same processing power as the introductory netbook. Still, smartphones are going to get even more powerful and Samsung is eager to lead the way with a dual-core offering early next year.

We already know that Samsung has a dual-core CPU, the Orion, up its sleeve. Now, amid all these rumors of a Nexus S, comes first word of Samsung's Galaxy 2, which Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin claims is packing a dual-core CPU.

It's not yet known if the Galaxy 2 will feature the Orion, but, thanks to Eldar, we know that it's supposedly going to be available in the first quarter of next year. Describing the Galaxy 2 as 'so technically advanced,' Eldar also noted that the device goes by the model name 'Samsung i-9100' and will have a plastic casing.

Eldar's tweets have caused quite a stir in the smartphone community, and it's not hard to understand why. Aside from the tiny fact that it will sport a dual-core processor, Android and Me seems to think that the Galaxy 2 and the Nexus S are one and the same. Taylor Wimberly writes that the first Nexus S was supposed to go on sale last week (as per all those Best Buy leaks), but was scrapped at the 11th hour when big-wigs at Sammy realized they'd need something more powerful if they wanted to compete with upcoming Tegra 2 devices. If this holds true, we won't see a Nexus S until Q1 next year.

You can read more about the Galaxy 2/Nexus S theory on Android and Me.

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