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Pictured: The BlackBerry Storm 2

Credit: Engadget

(Image credit: Engadget)

For those of you eager for more details on RIM’s hottest upcoming device, we’re sorry to say, these leaked pictures courtesy of Engadget offer nothing but a glimpse of what looks like a sleeker version of the first generation Storm. Aside from just a couple of minor cosmetic changes, like the buttons from the original becoming a part of the capacitive touchscreen, it looks nearly identical to Storm 1.

However, all is not lost. Similar to the original iPhone and then the iPhone 3G, the changes purported to be coming with the Storm 2 aren’t going to be immediately apparent just by looking at leaked shots. The revamped version is supposedly going to include WiFi as well as a change to the touchscreen which is supposed to allow for more efficient typing.

Does that mean they’ll be ditching the “it’s just one big button” idea? We’ve never been a fan of the tactile touch aspect to the Storm. Then again, we weren’t all that impressed by the Storm in general. Anyone out there have a Storm and love it? Let us know!

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