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Apple's iPhone 4G Finally Caught on Camera?

Here's a small disclaimer before we proceed any further: there's no proof that the images shown in this article-- which were originally posted here-- are even real.

There's no question that the images are staged, all neatly arranged to showcase every aspect of the iPhone 4G model-- from the box to the cool way you can change the colors of its chassis.

The problem I have with this whole display is that the device is never pictured actually on. Maybe I'm missing something here, but If I were the photographer, I'd forget about staging the box, and show what's actually under the hood.

But if the box images are indeed indicative of what's in store with the iPhone 4G model, then we may see a radical change in the UI we've grown accustomed to for a few years.

Still, the images could be legit.

Note: clicking on any image will bring up the entire gallery.