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AT&T: Tethering Still Coming, No Cofirmed Date

With recent rumors of Apple's iPhone jumping the AT&T ship of excellence, it's a wonder if anyone still cares about the whole tethering issue. But AT&T promised that tethering was "coming soon," and just over a year later, the service still isn't available. In fact, there are no signs that tethering will even be available in the immediate future.

With that said, is the company just blowing smoke? "We plan to offer tethering on the iPhone but have not announced a date," a spokesperson from AT&T told Macworld. The statement reveals nothing new, but only reaffirms AT&T Mobility President Ralph De La Vega's announcement on November 6, 2008 during the Web 2.0 summit.

But analysts believe that AT&T should just delay or dump the whole idea. "If I were AT&T at this point, I’d delay the iPhone tethering as long as possible," said Analyst Jack Gold of J.Gold Associates. "If they allow tethering to iPhones, the users are going to be downloading videos and adding network demands."

Gold also added that a mere 5-percent of AT&T's iPhone customers would even show interest in tethering, and would not generate a significant amount of revenue even if it charged $30 per month like Verizon. Gold said that AT&T should offer some kind of deal for those waiting for tethering by offering discounted broadband cards.

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