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AT&T: Tethering Still Coming, No Cofirmed Date

With recent rumors of Apple's iPhone jumping the AT&T ship of excellence, it's a wonder if anyone still cares about the whole tethering issue. But AT&T promised that tethering was "coming soon," and just over a year later, the service still isn't available. In fact, there are no signs that tethering will even be available in the immediate future.

With that said, is the company just blowing smoke? "We plan to offer tethering on the iPhone but have not announced a date," a spokesperson from AT&T told Macworld. The statement reveals nothing new, but only reaffirms AT&T Mobility President Ralph De La Vega's announcement on November 6, 2008 during the Web 2.0 summit.

But analysts believe that AT&T should just delay or dump the whole idea. "If I were AT&T at this point, I’d delay the iPhone tethering as long as possible," said Analyst Jack Gold of J.Gold Associates. "If they allow tethering to iPhones, the users are going to be downloading videos and adding network demands."

Gold also added that a mere 5-percent of AT&T's iPhone customers would even show interest in tethering, and would not generate a significant amount of revenue even if it charged $30 per month like Verizon. Gold said that AT&T should offer some kind of deal for those waiting for tethering by offering discounted broadband cards.

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  • ethanolson
    It's not hard folks. AT&T says go for it and Apple turns it on. Done.

    OK... so they'd want to charge more for the extra data usage, but carriers are already good at that.
  • mavroxur
    yet another thing they iDont.....
  • war2k9
    iPhone user will have it sometime next after the exclusive contract is over with AT&T.

    You'll have to wait.
  • Wont happen. ATT knows that once they lose iPhone to Verizon all their customers will go with it. ATT also knows that its network cannot handle the current demands on it. So ATT will keep iPhone and iPhone will be developed to minimize BW. Meanwhile, HTC with MS Mobile will continue to quietly be the best smart phones out there.
  • sciggy
    Well you have to look at current tech. Until verizon updates or changes their network, all the current iphones will not work with them. iphone users would have to jump ship to tmobile or sprint if they were to leave att. Verizon being CDMA and the current iphones being HSDPA. You wouldn't see that big of a shift from att if it were opened up to all networks, probably just see new users going with a different provider but there are already 10+ million on att.
  • osxsier
    I been using tethering for quite some time now...its good in a pinch...but I would not pay a dime for it.
  • Khimera2000
    I have free tethering with t-mobile and me htc phone :D it should be a feature on all "smart phones" like osxsier i use mine when ever i find myself in need of a connection, and so far its worked great :D and it works on linux no prob >.< i run kubuntu on me mobile and its plug and play :D
  • ravewulf
    jumping the AT&T ship of excellence
    Translated: jumling AT&T's ship of FAIL
  • PodSix
    how about you do something more with your time and money? wanna work on that abysmal 3G coverage you have there?
  • hixbot
    I know no one likes complaints about spelling and grammar, but it's very sloppy when there are errors in professionally written articles, especially their titles. Once in a while is alright, but it's a daily occurrence, here at Tom's.

    Even after comments pointing out the particular errors, for some reason, they are seldom fixed.