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Mixed Reality Headsets Coming to Xbox One and Project Scorpio

Microsoft will be offering support for Windows Mixed Reality on both its existing and future console.

Microsoft's Project Scorpio will support mixed reality headsets. Credit: Microsoft

(Image credit: Microsoft's Project Scorpio will support mixed reality headsets. Credit: Microsoft)

In a statement on the company's blog on Wednesday (March 1), Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman said that the Xbox One and the company's next gaming device, called Project Scorpio, will both support mixed reality headsets. In his statement, Kipman said that Microsoft will deliver the support for the headsets next year.

Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality is the new name for the company's former Windows Holographic. The Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem starts with a PC that's capable of delivering sophisticated content to a headset. That content is viewed through a device like the HoloLens, and allows you to view and interact with physical objects over the real world.

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While Microsoft has pitched Mixed Reality as a suitable solution for those who want to interact with software, it could also be a neat way for game developers to deliver titles. Instead of forcing you to view the game and play with a controller, Mixed Reality headsets are designed to immerse you inside the virtual world and interact as if you're the game character.

Microsoft of late has been making a push to game developers in hopes that they might start investing in the company's Mixed Reality. Now that it's confirmed to be coming to Xbox One and Project Scorpio, it might have an easier time at that.

Microsoft previously announced that Project Scorpio will be compatible with VR technology and said it should be available when the device launches this year. Now, though, it appears that functionality has been pushed back to next year.

Still, when the Xbox One and Project Scorpio get support for Mixed Reality, you'll find a boatload of headsets on store shelves that will support the technology. Also in the blog post on Wednesday, Kipman said that several PC makers, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Acer are all working on Mixed Reality headsets.

Acer is getting into the mix first and will be offering its headset to developers this month. Mixed Reality will be supported in the Windows 10 Creators Update launching this spring.

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