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iPhone 8 Dummy Unit Footage Leaked Online

We've seen leaked photos of the iPhone 8 for months, but a picture can excite our smartphone-loving brains only so much. That's why we're giddy to viddy the first leaked video footage of a dummy unit of the much-awaited Apple handset. 

Credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter)

The footage comes courtesy of Benjamin Geskin, an artist/leaker who previously leaked photos of this dummy unit, as well as schematic diagrams and digital renders. This version of the 5.8-inch handset features the button-free front and vertical cameras bump seen in previous leaks.

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Looking closely at the footage, I noted a new button on the right side of the phone that we haven't seen in previous iPhones or leaks. Geskin didn't explain its presence, but the button could activate Siri (similarly to the Galaxy S8's Bixby button) or it could replace the Home button that no longer appears on the bottom of the handset's face.

This footage also suggests the iPhone 8 may be thicker than previous generations, which would be something of a surprise considering each new iPhone has been slimmer than the rest. Geskin had previously claimed that the new iPhone will feature the same 7.1-millimeter thickness as the iPhone 7, so this might just be a matter of differences between the dummy unit and the final product.

While the all-black face of the dummy phone almost confirms the rumors of the iPhone 8's front panel being all screen, this is still a dummy unit, so we never see it turn on. Even though we can't discern materials from this angle, the reflective frame of the phone does give more credence to rumors of a stainless-steel border to connect the glass panels. 

Henry T. Casey

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  • RjZjR
    The "second" button your referring to, is, I'm pretty sure not a button but the sim tray
  • henrytcasey
    19730158 said:
    The "second" button your referring to, is, I'm pretty sure not a button but the sim tray

    We'll see when it comes out, as it's a little unclear from this footage/angle.