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iPhone 8 Now Delayed by Months (Report)

Apple's long-awaited iPhone 8 won't make its September deadline, according to a new report.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin)

The tech giant won't be able to get mass quantities of the iPhone 8 until November or December due to OLED production problems, China's Economic Daily News is reporting, citing sources. Suppliers will reportedly only be able to ship "in small volumes," according to Digitimes, which earlier discovered the report. Whether Apple will ship those small volumes is unknown.

Reports have been swirling for weeks, suggesting Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 might not hit store shelves in September, as hoped. Instead, there have been reports that the handset might be delayed to October or even November. The Economic Daily News, however, suggests Apple could ultimately choose to delay the smartphone to as late as December.

At the center of the problem, according to the Economic Daily News, is the iPhone 8's OLED screen. The report didn't say exactly what's wrong, but it appears that Apple needs far more units to hit so-called "mass production," or the level at which a boatload of units will ship worldwide. Initially, Apple will only be able to get a small number of units from its supply chain, leading either to a quick sell-out or delays until it can get more units.

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Of course, waiting is nothing new in the Apple universe. The company does sometime announce new devices well ahead of a handset's release. One recent examle is the new iMac Pro, which Apple unveiled in June but isn't hitting shelves until November. It might also release a device in small quantities, causing sell-outs.

If the Economic Daily News report is accurate, customers who want it will either need to act quickly or face the possibility of not getting their hands on the device for months.

Interestingly, Apple's other iPhones for this year, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, are also reportedly hitting the production lines a bit late.

According to the Economic Daily News, those handsets will hit full mass production in August. In previous years, new iPhones have hit the mass production phase in June or July. The report didn't say, however, that those handsets would be delayed.

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