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The best Switch Prime Day deal is the Animal Crossing edition being in stock

animal crossing nintendo switch
(Image credit: Amazon)

The best Prime Day sale may not actually be a Prime Day sale at all. I speak, of course, of the elusive Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch: a gorgeous collector’s item that’s been out of stock everywhere for months. Somehow, though, it’s been in stock constantly for all of Prime Day — and it’s actually the cheapest Nintendo Switch you can buy at Amazon, since the two base models are sold out.

If you’re hunting for the best Nintendo Switch deals, this full-price system is actually one of the top choices right now, especially since the system itself is gorgeous and will surely be an object of envy in the future. All we ask is that if you buy it, please do so because you actually want one — not because you intend to scalp it on eBay a few years down the line. Also be aware that the system doesn’t actually come with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so you’ll have to buy that separately.

Aesthetically, the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch is striking, with cute village designs on the back of the console, an islander motif on the dock and Joy-Cons with a soothing blue-green gradient. Otherwise, it’s identical to a standard Nintendo Switch, meaning you can play Zelda, Mario, Pokémon and a variety of third-party titles in either handheld or docked modes.

While the Animal Crossing Switch is not discounted, check out the best Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals for discounts on games and accessories, including memory cards, controllers and carrying cases. If you’re in the market for games on other consoles, check out our best Prime Day video game deals instead.

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