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Oculus Quest 2 release date, price, pre-orders and specs

Oculus Quest 2
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Facebook is officially giving its Oculus Quest a full update, by introducing the Oculus Quest 2. This all-in-one virtual reality headset will look to improve upon the success of its predecessor and add in some new slick features. 

Such upgrades come in the form of a faster 90Hz refresh-rate display, which should help reduce any feelings of motion sickness that can come with the wearing of VR headsets. It’s also getting a boost in screen resolution, which promises to enable sharper and clearer VR experiences, from games to virtual tours and watching movies in faux cinemas. 

Due to be released in a matter of days, the Oculus Quest 2 is shaping up to be a rather slick all-in-one VR headset. So read on for everything we know about the headset so far.   

Oculus Quest 2 cheat sheet: What you need to know 

What it is: The follow-up to Oculus’s standalone VR headset, the Oculus Quest.
Release date: October 13
Price: $299

Oculus Quest 2 release date

The Oculus Quest 2 is set to be released on October 13. And you can ensure you have one as soon as possible by pre-ordering from Oculus, as well as other retailers. Expect the headset to be a rather popular piece of tech for the holiday season.  

(Image credit: WalkingCat)

Oculus Quest 2 price 

The Oculus Quest 2 starts at $299 for the 64GB version, and costs $399 for a 256GB variation. That's a pretty aggressive price, especially when you consider that the original Quest launched at $399.

Here's how you can pre-order the Oculus Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 specs 

  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 
  • RAM: 6GB 
  • Resolution: 1832 x 1920 per eye
  • Refresh rate: 90 Hz
  • Storage: 64GB / 256GB

Nearly all of the Quest 2's specs were revealed early on Facebook's Blueprint website before being announced officially, showing off what looks like a major upgrade for Oculus' headset. The VR headset will get a Snapdragon XR2 processor, which should be a marked step up from the Snapdragon 835 on the original.

Other key upgrades include 6GB of RAM (up from 4GB), 256GB of onboard storage and a 50 percent increase in pixels per eye with a 1832 x 1920 resolution for each eye. The headset also gets a 90Hz refresh rate bump from the original's 72Hz.

Oculus also says that the headset is 10% lighter to make it more ideal for long game sessions. Additionally, Quest 2 supports a built-in IPD (interpupilary distance) adjustment mechanism to let you easily adjust the lens to your liking.

Oculus Quest 2 controllers 

(Image credit: Oculus)

The Oculus Quest 2 includes an improved version of the Oculus Touch controllers that debuted with the original model. The new controllers promise more efficient tracking for when you're fighting or climbing in-game, and aim to offer four times the battery life as the original controllers. 

The Quest 2 will also support additional accessories, including the Elite Strap with Battery to double the headset's endurance while giving you better ergonomics. There's also a Fit Pack with swappable face covers to fit different face shapes and sizes.

  • Daggre
    I for one hope to see them cut the price by $100. I'll buy it regardless - I LOVE my Quest and have enough disposable income to get it at the $400-$500 range, but the VR community is still way too small and FB knows that. Hardware is subsidized by later software sales and the more users there are out there buying games the more that 30% software cut for FB from the Oculus Store will maximize their per-unit profit. I'm also hoping they launch Horizons at the OC7 event at least as a free work-in-progress, which will peak the interest of more casual gamers as we start to dip our toes in the real "Ready Player One" possibilities. Letting people build together and then share their creations is a core Human experience and FB is poised like no other company to explore those horizons (pun intended)... we just need enough mainstream people to come along for the experience if we ever want to see this reach the "Wii Effect" of your mom buying one.