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Knives Out 2: Release date, cast and everything we know

Knives Out 2: Release date, cast and everything we know
(Image credit: Credit: Claire Folger)

Knives Out 2 is happening. Yes, the dynamic whodunnit that hypnotized Rian Johnson fans with Daniel Craig’s caricatured southern accent and Chris Evans’s chunky cream cable-knit sweater, is getting a sequel. 

Confirmed earlier this year, Knives Out 2 will once again star the charming detective Benoit Blanc. He’ll presumably strive to solve another Agatha Christie-inspired murder among a motley crew of suspects. 

The biggest mystery of all, though, isn’t Knives Out 2’s plot but what the sequel will be titled. Knives Out’s Twitter account has even begun crowdsourcing possible names for its follow-up film. 

Needless to say, Rian Johnson is amused. Here’s what else we know so far about Knives Out 2. 

Knives Out 2 release date: When is it coming out? 

The Knives Out 2 release date is unconfirmed. It only received Lionsgate's blessing in early February and movie making takes time, folks. 

Knives Out 2 could come out sometime in 2021 or 2022. Between writing the sequel’s script, filming and post-production, a two-year time frame for a second Knives Out seems realistic.

Knives Out 2 cast: Who’s in it

Daniel Craig is the only returning cast member we can expect to see in Knives Out 2. We can’t say the same for Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, Ana de Armas and others from the first film. It’s probably best to keep their story shut *sips coffee on balcony*.

Knives Out 2 plot: What will happen?

Rian Johnson told Variety that apart from the return of Daniel Craig, the Knives Out 2 plot will have no connection to the original Knives Out. It will instead trail Blanc's next murder mystery.