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Killer Galaxy S20 deal lets you buy one, get one free at Verizon

Galaxy S20 Verizon
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We're less than 24 hours away from the start of Galaxy S20 preorders and if you're looking to save big bucks, Verizon has multiple Galaxy S20 deals for both new and existing users. 

Currently, when you purchase a Galaxy S20 Plus or a Galaxy S20 Ultra , Verizon will give you a $1,050 credit toward the purchase of another Galaxy S20. Even better, if you opt for a Galaxy S20 Plus, you can save an extra $150. The deal requires that you add a new line and purchase the phone via a Verizon monthly payment plan.

However, that's not the only Galaxy S20 promo at Verizon. Here's a rundown of their other Galaxy S20 preorder deals. (If you're wondering about the Galaxy S20, Samsung's entry-level phone won't arrive on Verizon till sometime this spring. The base phone starts at $999.99). 

Buy a Galaxy S20 Plus or Ultra: get $1,050 credit toward a Galaxy S20 @ Verizon
For a limited time, when you buy a Galaxy S20 Plus or Galaxy S20 Ultra (via a monthly payment plan), Verizon will give you a $1,050 credit toward the purchase of another Galaxy S20. (You must add a new line to get the credit). View Deal

$150 off Galaxy S20 Plus: new and existing customers @ Verizon
New and existing customers can get $150 off the Galaxy S20 Plus when purchased via a Verizon monthly payment program. This deal stacks with offer #1 (above) and offers #3 and #4 (below). View Deal

Up to $300 off Galaxy S20: with trade-in + active unlimted plan @ Verizon
For existing Verizon customers, get up to $300 off a new Galaxy S20 with trade-in. This offer requires that you have an active Verizon Unlimited plan. View Deal

Up to $200 Samsung credit: with Galaxy S20 preorder @ Verizon
Purchase any Galaxy S20 Plus or S20 Ultra and get up to a $200 Samsung credit. The S20 Plus nets you a $150 Samsung credit, whereas the S20 Ultra gets you the full $200 credit. This deal stacks with all offers.View Deal

Purchase a Galaxy S20: get 6 free months of Hatch @ Verizon
If you purchase any Galaxy S20 phone and have a Verizon Unlimited plan, you'll get 6 free months of Hatch, a streaming service for mobile gamers. This deal stacks with all offers. View Deal

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