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How to watch Verzuz: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole battle on Instagram Live and Apple Music

Watch Verzuz Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole
(Image credit: Jim Dyson and Isaac Brekken / Getty Images)
Verzuz: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole start time

The Verzuz Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole stream will start at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. on January 9. It will be on Instagram and Apple Music.

We've got to wait a bit before we can watch Verzuz: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole. Unfortunately, Ashanti tested positive for COVID-19, and this "a legendary Ladies Night," is pushed back to January 9.

But as Miss Mary would say: let there be no more drama. Don't know how to tune in? We'll get you ready to watch these titans go Woman to Woman. Following up the massive and at times tense battle of Gucci Mane vs Jeezy, Verzuz: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole is a much less dramatic affair. The pair have even voiced positivity towards the upcoming event online, with Cole tweeting: "It’s ok to love us both!!! I approve this message!!!!"

Even Cardi B's promoting the Verzuz, tweeting "Warning to all you mans out there (including mine) be nice the day of the Ashanti VS Keyshia Verzuz battle."

Unfamiliar with the whole format? Trying to figure out what is Verzuz? We've got all the details from start time to how to watch Verzuz online, below.

For those unfamiliar with Verzuz, these shows are informal competitions between artists. Each superstar plays one of their hits, followed by the other, volleying back and forth like a tennis match. Then it's up to the public to decide (voicing their opinions in the comments and on social media) who won. 

Verzuz has been massively popular, and Swizz Beats (the event's co-creator) announced that the previous battle (Gucci Mane vs Jeezy) broke an "all-time livestream viewership record," with 9.1 million streamers watching along. That's a massive multiple of the prior most popular Verzuz, when Brandy vs Monica had an estimated apex of 1.2 million viewers.

Competitors chat during the festivities, and so far things have been cordial yet competitive, making for an entertaining night's watch. 

Here's a preview (via Apple Music) of the hits to be played, and here's everything you need to watch Verzuz: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole. 

How to watch Verzuz: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole on Instagram

If you're a Spotify user, then you'll skip Apple Music and open the Verzuz IG account and click on the LIVE button. They may direct you to the individual artists' accounts, we'll see then.

There's typically a short wait from the 8 p.m. ET start time before the actual festivities begin, so you have time to pour a nice beverage if you haven't already.

Want to watch on a bigger screen? Open that page in your web browser and not your phone, and follow the same instructions. 

How to watch Verzuz: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole on Apple Music

Apple Music will stream Verzuz: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole in the Music app, but we can't really link to that from here. Until then, check out Apple's #CheatSheet preview that showcases the two legends' hits.