Samsung and LG strike deal over OLED TVs — what it means for your next TV

Samsung S95C OLED TV
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Samsung and LG have just signed a new deal over OLED panels that will see the two working together over the next five years, according to a new report.

According to sources who spoke to Display Supply Chain, a market research firm, the details are that LG Display (LG's panel manufacturing arm) will provide Samsung Visual Display (Samsung's manufacturing company) with five million OLED panels over the next five years, with 800,000 panels being transferred in 2024.

"Multiple sources in Asia last week reported that Samsung Visual Display has agreed to a long-term supply agreement with LG Display for the supply of LCD and OLED display panels," said DSCC in a new post. "Our sources have confirmed that the agreement is happening; the deal expands an existing relationship between the two Korean giants as both face fierce competition from Chinese players." 

These panels will be used in a number of OLED TVs in Samsung's lineup and will bolster the brand's high-end QD-OLED lineup with some more affordable options. Which TVs will receive which panels remains unclear, but that's something we expect to hear more about as Samsung talks more about its 2024 TV lineup

An OLED alliance that benefits both parties

As FlatpanelsHD points out, this partnership between the two longtime rivals comes at a time of increased pressure from Chinese budget TV brands like Hisense and TCL. But Samsung buying panels from LG Display helps keep the factories running and benefits consumers by offering them some new choices in OLED TVs.

The other interesting tidbit is that it doesn't appear LG will be selling its new META 2.0 technology to Samsung — only its older WOLED panels. The LG G4 OLED and LG M4 OLED are the only two TVs that are confirmed to use the new META 2.0 technology, though it's possible that LG Display will supply the technology to its other partners like Sony and Panasonic.

So how is this all going to impact you when you're shopping for the best OLED TV? Well, expect to see a lot more Samsung options in the mix as LG Display's panels make their way into more sets, and a small drop in prices as Samsung continues to compete with LG Electronics on store shelves.

Does that mean the new Samsung S95D OLED will be available for under $1,000? Well, let's not get carried away with ourselves, but considering the sub-$600 price of the LG A2 OLED chances are good that we'll see SOME Samsung OLED TV for under a grand in late 2024 or early 2025.

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