The best gifts for kids and adults: electric scooters

A man unloads a folded SmooSat from a car.
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Why are e-scooters good gifts for kids?

A little girl receives a Smoosat E9 gift from her father.

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Getting the kids outside and away from their screens can be a challenge. Before getting on an e-scooter, kids must see it to love it at first sight. And the first impression is the last impression when dealing with children and teens.

Research has shown that the most important two senses that offer children positive stimuli are sight and sounds. So, let’s start with aesthetics, the first thing to attract a young person.

Ride on the rainbow with rhythm – the SmooSat E9 range

Two SmooSat E9 Apex e-scooters are in front of graffiti art.

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The E9 Apex comes in two flavors. The first is literally the Lamborghini Centenario of electric scooters with its rugged black and yellow finish, the second an elegant and cozy combination of pink and black. Ideal for encouraging everyone to adventure outdoors.

The E9 Apex models in pink and yellow play music from speakers.

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Next, the E9 Apex lets your kids rock out to tunes as they ride safely in front of you, having the time of their lives thanks to the Bluetooth surround speakers built right into the scooter. They can play their favourite soundtrack whilst still playing it safe, with no headphones shutting out the surroundings.

In another great combination of fun and safety, rainbow lights built into the board flash in time to the rhythm of the music, delighting riders and turning visibility to the max.

Similar to its E9 Apex sibling, the E9 Pro comes in smart and inimitable black, pink or blue styles, although without speakers.

Three teens hang out on a beach with the SmooSat E9 Pro range.

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Both models can grow with your or your friends’ children – the E9 Pro comes with handlebars that will adjust to sizes 28in/32in/36in, while the larger E9 Apex can be set to 32.5in/35 in/37.5in.

Safety is paramount and with SmooSat scooters you can be sure you’re getting class-leading safety features. The E9 Apex and the E9 Pro are each built around a compression-resistant durable aluminium alloy frame, with anti-skid reinforced rubber wheels, and super-fast stopping courtesy of rear fender brakes.

Add reflectors and a quality helmet to help make riders more visible on the cycle path or road.

To prevent accidental starts, the motor only engages when the speed reaches 3 mph – just raise the stand and kick off from the ground for the power to start effortlessly.

The maximum speed can be set to 5 mph, 8 mph or 10 mph depending on skill level, and the LED screen tells the rider all they need to know, displaying the pedal mode, riding speed and battery level.

The E9 models can travel 5 miles on a full charge. When you’re done just fold it up in one easy step for carrying and storing anywhere and everywhere.

This Black Friday, the E9 Apex and E9 Pro are available with over 20% off for Amazon Prime members.

Safety & Independence has never been such a bargain.

Adults ride long range – SmooSat SA3

A man rides a SmooSat SA3 along a sunny urban boulevard.

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As you may well have noticed in your town or city, E-scooters aren’t just for kids. With global sales rising by almost 50% last year, these simple, flexible devices are becoming the urban travel and exploration option of choice for riders of all ages.

The SmooSat SA3 is built from the ground up to deliver a grown-up experience with the size, range and power adults demand. Environmentally friendly, simpler, and more portable than a bike, the SA3 transforms urban travel.

The 350W motor can reach a top speed of 15.6 mph and will whizz a full-sized adult uphill with ease, while the automotive-grade battery will cover 20 miles on a single charge, and with over 1200 cycles will last around seven years.

All that juice powers more than just wheels. The tech-heavy feature set out-specs some cars, with cruise control as standard, so you can lay off the accelerator and focus on the road. The LCD display keeps track of speed, battery life and pedal mode, while powerful front and rear lights keep you safely visible.

Crucially, the SA3 folds up in seconds to measure just 42.1 inches by 19.7 inches by 20.3 inches. That’s about the size of a sports bag and easy to take on the bus or train. Then just tuck it away under a desk when you reach your destination, arriving unruffled and sweat-free. Try doing that with a mountain bike.

So, there it is. The Smoosat SA3, an ideal gift for the busy urban traveler in your life, the perfect present for a free-spirited wanderer and, let’s face it, far too tempting a prospect not to pick one up for yourself.

Find your SA3 here for around $400, you’ll find the shopping experience just as smooth as the ride.