Google Pixel 9 leaks in yet another video — this time with the display on

Google Pixel 9 Pro leaked renders
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If you want to check out Google's new Pixel 9 phone, Algeria is the place to be. After yesterday's video leak, a new TikTok showed off the display and bezels on the upcoming Android phone.

The new video, spotted by 9to5Google, was shared to TikTok by Reparation_mobile23, apparently a phone repair shop in Algeria. 

Yesterday's leak briefly showed us the Pixel 9 in a pink color, one of the rumored hues. Like yesterday's images, the TikTok video also features a pink phone. However, in this case, the handset is turned on. 

They show us the phone from a few angles while playing with the screen.


♬ son original - Reparation_mobile23

We speculated previously that the earlier video might be a dummy phone since the screen was never turned on or shown to be in working order — also because Pixel devices aren't directly sold in Algeria. However, this new video looks more legitimate.

At first glance, with the screen on, the Pixel 9 appears to have a similar display as the Pixel 8. This isn't surprising since the Pixel 9 looks much the same as the Pixel 8, save for the updated camera array design. Unfortunately, the video does not show enough of the operating system in action to determine which version of Android is on the phone.

We'll all get a closer look at the next Pixel phone during Google's next Made by Google hardware event on August 13. The tech giant has already teased that it will reveal the 9th generation Pixel handsets at the event.

We're expecting to see at least four versions of the Pixel 9. If you're itching for more information, check out our Google Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL hubs for all the latest news and rumors.

Allegedly, Google will also unveil a Pixel 9 Pro Fold, the second-gen foldable with a new naming style and hardware.

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