The first Ms. Marvel reactions are in — we've got a new MCU star on our hands

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Update: Don't forget Groot gets his own Disney Plus series too, and it's arriving in August

The first reactions to Ms. Marvel, the upcoming Marvel series on Disney Plus, have just hit the internet. Select members of the press have seen the first two episodes of the series, and the good news is that everyone seems to be assembling around the opinion that the wanna-be Avenger is a fantastic new addition to the MCU. 

This is a pleasant bit of news, as Marvel's continuing to introduce characters to the MCU, and our internal reactions to its previous attempt were mixed. The series, which will see Avengers super-fan Kamala Khan gain powers similar to her idol Ms. Marvel, sounds like a cosmic ray of sunshine. 

For example, Rayyan of CineGeekNews writes "Kamala is a straight up nerd who is in love with the Avengers. What makes her journey more interesting is her struggle with identity, being a Pakistani and a Muslim America. Her awkwardness is soo relatable and charming."

And while we're not here to bury Moon Knight or Oscar Isaac's performance in it, we have to note that this feels like a stark contrast from that series, the oddest and most confusing MCU show to date. I actually liked Moon Knight, but a straightforward and relatable protagonist sounds like a good path forward as the MCU expands in Phase 4.

Even more interesting is the reaction from Julia Delbel of and The Direct, who tweeted that the show "is so much fun!" and that "A lot of it is slice-of-life based (nice to get the perspective of how regular people in the MCU view the superheroics going on around them)." Even more interesting? We're going to find out  "how so many people know what happened in the Endgame final battle."

Analysis: Ms. Marvel is what the MCU needs right now

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel

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Iman Vellani sounds like the exact new actor the MCU needed. Swara Salih wrote "Iman Vellani is fantastic as #KamalaKhan. She brings all the vivacity, passion, and awkwardness for which we all love Kamala. She does her best and constantly perseveres. Iman will have an outstanding future in the MCU and beyond."

Erik Swann of our sister site CinemaBlend is also positive on Vellani, writing that she "is PERFECT as Kamala Khan," and noting "The series is a big creative step forward for the MCU and an even bigger step forward for Pakistani representation."

The praise, as you'll see online, is ubiquitous for Vellani. Preeti Chhibber writes "Iman Vellani is a DELIGHT. Put her in everything." and while Arezou Amin notes "Vellani is especially charming,"

While the potential new Avengers we've met recently — Simu Liu as Shang Chi, Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop/new Hawkeye, Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Xochitl Gomez — all have their own charm, it sounds like Vellani is bringing something special to the team.

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