The best Kindle is $30 off at Amazon right now for Father's Day

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
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The best Kindle has a great sale price on Amazon right now, making today a perfect time to take care of some last minute shopping for Father's Day. Yes, Amazon's chopped a big chunk off of the Kindle Paperwhite, now $99 at Amazon, making it easier for folks to buy it as a gift.

When I reviewed the Paperwhite, I gave it a strong recommendation because Amazon finally brought waterproof-level durability to its mid-range e-reader. Formerly, you had to pay big bucks ($250!) to get a waterproof Kindle with the Oasis.

Kindle Paperwhite: was $129 now $99 @ Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite: was $129 now $99 @ Amazon
The water-resistant Kindle Paperwhite features a 6-inch, anti-glare flush-to-screen display, 5-LED backlighting, and 8GB of storage. It's now $30 off and includes a free 3-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited. (You can cancel Kindle Unlimited at any time). 

Kindle: was $89 now $64 @ Amazon

Kindle: was $89 now $64 @ Amazon
This e-reader model packs built-in lighting, so you're not at the whims of daylight or bedside lamps. It's currently $25 off and you can opt to add a 3 month subscription to Kindle Unlimited on top for free.

I recommend the Kindle Paperwhite to everyone, my parents included, because it's the best Kindle for most people. At this $99 price, it's not too much more expensive than the entry-level Kindle, and that extra change you spend on the Paperwhite is more than worth it for the IPX8 waterproof resistance. 

I tested that water resistance by dunking the Kindle Paperwhite in a pail of water. After a 20 minute bath, much longer than you'd let your ereader take a dip, I pulled it out, and the Paperwhite continued to work as if it had been dry the whole time.

The Kindle Paperwhite also gets all of the basics right. Its anti-glare 300 ppi display is sharp, its 5-LED backlighting is better than the 4-LED front lighting in the Kindle and its 8GB of is more than enough for your library, storing thousands of books.

In my Kindle Paperwhite review, I praised the e-reader's design, as its screen is flush to its bezels, ditching the shadowboxed framing. It's also got Bluetooth capability for audiobooks. I gave it a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and our Editor's Choice award for its overall performance. 

Want a cheaper Kindle that's also reliable? Amazon has the basic Kindle on sale for $64.99. That tablet offers front lighting, which Amazon just added in 2019. Make sure to follow our Father's Day sales guide for more deals. 

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