Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 colors just got tipped

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Update: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 key specs just tipped — and it could be cheaper than ever

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could come in a trio of colors, adding beige alongside the black and sliver of its predecessor the Galaxy Z Fold 3

That's according to regular tech tipster and display analyst Ross Young, who also noted that he believes the rumored Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will come in while gold, gray, light blue and light violet color options. That's a shake up from the Galaxy Z Flip 3's Cream, Green, Lavender, and Phantom Black colors. 

You can see what the light blue Z Flip 4 could look like in these newly published renders.

It sounds like the Z Fold 4 is going to maintain the somewhat restrained approach to colors as its predecessor, though the addition of beige should provide a device that looks less like a miniature 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith or foil-wrapped candy bar. 

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 looks set to double-down on the Z Flip 3's more outgoing color options.

Samsung also offers the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition, which lets you mix and match colors for the phone's front and back panels and frame, making for dozens of potential unique designs if you're willing to pay extra for it. This only appeared months after the Z Flip 3 launched though, so we may not see this on offer until later in the Z Flip 4's life too.

The new color options will be important for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, because as the rumors currently stand, its design won't be changing from the Z Flip 3, other than perhaps a larger cover display and a slightly larger battery. The Z Fold 4 may look different to the Z Fold 3, but it's not clear how yet, with the leaks saying things like it may have a different aspect ratio to make the front display a more typical phone shape, perhaps even going for an entirely square inner display as a result.

These rumors won't get confirmed or denied for another couple of months most likely. Samsung tore the covers off of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 in August of last year, and without any rumors claiming different, we're going to assume that this will be the case this year too.

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