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How to watch Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX battle on Instagram Live and Apple Music

watch verzuz snoop dogg vs dmx
(Image credit: Prince Williams / Getty Images; John Parra / Getty Images)
Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX start time

The Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX broadcast began at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET yesterday (July 22), but you can still watch it on Instagram or Apple Music.

If you didn't watch Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX live, you can still enjoy it now. Last night we saw the rappers enjoy friendly competition, and Instagram and Apple still have the recording available for all. Yes, the Doggfather found time to stop baking with Martha Stewart to enter the studio to challenge Yonkers' hardest lyricist for the claim to the internet throne, and DMX put up a strong fight.

What is Verzuz? When does the big battle go down? How can you watch online? We've got the answers to all these questions, and a couple of predictions. And, yes, we'll be honest: this seems a bit lopsided on paper, but how could it not provide excellent entertainment?

This duel comes a short while after Ludacris waxed Nelly and his bad internet connection in a battle that almost got called off. For those unfamiliar with Verzuz, these shows are like DJ battles, where each superstar plays one of their hits, and the public reacts and decides (in the comments and on social media) who won. 

Competitors chat during the festivities, and so far things have been cordial yet competitive, making for an entertaining night's watch. We'll get to the numbers below, but our money is on Snoop Dogg to reign over DMX. Longevity and success, mixed with the public's love for Snoop, almost seem like an unfair mountain for DMX to climb.

Here's our look (via Apple Music) into the studio, and here's everything you need to watch Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX. 

verzuz: snoop dogg vs DMX

(Image credit: Verzuz/Apple Music)

How to watch Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX on Instagram

If you're a Spotify user, then you'll skip Apple Music and open the Verzuz IG TV post for Snoop Dogg vs DMX.

Want to watch on a bigger screen? Open that page in your web browser and not your phone, and follow the same instructions. 

How to watch Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX on Apple Music

Apple Music was supposed to have a video replay, but we can't get that to work right now. So Apple Music users only have an audio replay, found in the Radio section. 

Apple Music's Verzuz Cheat Sheet Playlist: Snoop Dogg vs DMX should get you ready if you're unfamiliar with their deep cuts.

Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX preview

This duel feels heavily weighted in Snoop's corner. The D-O-double-G has — not counting songs where he appeared as a guest — 5 singles that went gold, 4 that went platinum, 1 that went double platinum and 2 that went quadruple platinum. By comparison, DMX has 2 gold and 1 platinum, and a career that hasn't been going as long.

Sure, Earl could pull out some great songs, but when these contests are measured by who dropped the better banger, this feels like Snoop's Verzuz to lose.