Galaxy S11 giant screen sizes, 108MP camera and colors just leaked

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A new leak says that all of the Samsung Galaxy S11 phones will come in even bigger sizes than the S10 line, reaching up a skateboard-worthy 6.9  inches for the S11 Plus, which will come only as a 5G phone. Moreover, software leaks confirm they will come with an oversized 108MP camera sensor.

The screen size leak — which is new and not in the latest batch of features — comes from reliable leakster Evan Blass. He claims that the Galaxy S11 will start at 6.4 inches in the S11e, 6.7 inches for the Galaxy S11, and 6.9 inches for the Galaxy S11 Plus.

Compare that to the current Galaxy S10 line up: 5.8, 6.1 and 6.4 inches. Yes, according to Blass, the Galaxy S11 will start where the Galaxy S10 Plus left it. Phablet, shmablet. According to Blass, the S11 Plus will come with 5G connectivity standard, while there will be two models for both the S11e and the S11: one LTE/4G only and the other one with the addition of 5G.

If confirmed, the Samsung Galaxy S11 line will have yet another feature to beat the iPhone 12 — if you are into giant screens, anyway. The other features are SpaceZoom — which will allegedly provide a crystal clear 50x hybrid zoom — an in-display hidden selfie camera (although other rumors say that the camera hole will just get smaller) a 120Hz super-smooth display, a giant 5,000 mAh battery, and the aforementioned 108-megapixel camera sensor.

108MP camera mode confirmed

According to XDA Developers, the Samsung Camera app code has a 108MP photo mode. Max Weinbach found out  that the latest version of the camera software in the One UI 2.0 beta — Samsung’s flavor of Android 10 — contains support for 12,000 x 9,000 pixel images. In other words: 108 megapixels. 

XDA Developers claim that the camera software will most likely not output at that resolution by default. Instead, it will choose to group the pixels in the Isocell Bright HMX sensor in clusters of 4 o 9 pixels, saving 27MP or 12MP photos. That will dramatically increase the light sensitivity of the device.

The Isocell Bright HMX has a larger surface than any other sensor in the market, which in theory means it will be able to capture more light than all the competition — especifically from the Sony sensors found in the iPhone and Huawei phones. Sony is reportedly working on a much larger chip to compete with the Samsung sensor, dubbed the IMX686.

Bonus rumor: Galaxy S11e and S11 colors

According to another reliable leakster — Ishan Agarwal — the Samsung Galaxy S11e will come in blue, grey and pink and the S11 will come in at least blue, grey and black.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 will likely appear around February 2020, so it makes sense that the rumors keep increasing in detail and size. See our Galaxy S11 rumor hub to see all the latest leaks in one place.

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