An Xbox Series X restock could be coming to GameStop — here’s what we know

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It’s been a quiet few weeks for Xbox Series X restock, but GameStop may have just dropped a hint that it will be taking fresh orders of Microsoft’s bulky black box in the near future.  

Spotted by @LordofRestocks, GameStop has quietly added back a listing for the limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console. This listing was removed from the site in the run-up to the holiday season, presumably because GameStop had sold out of stock, but as you can see from the link below it’s now live on the retailer’s online store once again. 

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite (check stock)

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite:$549 @ GameStop

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite: $549 @ GameStop
The new Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console celebrates 20 years of Halo. The console features a Halo-inspired design and also powers on/off with custom Halo-themed sounds. It comes with a matching Halo Infinite controller. 

This Halo Infinite Xbox Series X listing returning to the GameStop website is significant because typically when a retailer adds a product page to its site a restock shortly follows. We’ve seen several previous examples of GameStop adding new Xbox Series X and PS5 listings that have subsequently been followed by a drop. 

It's important to note, the listing in question isn’t for the standard Xbox Series X but rather the limited edition Halo Infinite console. Released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Halo as well as the launch of Halo Infinite, the console is decked out with a custom Halo-inspired pattern and comes with a uniquely designed controller as well. It was released last November and costs $549, a slight increase on the base Xbox Series X price of $499. 

It should be noted that GameStop rarely sells standalone consoles; the retailer prefers to put its allocation of stock into bundles. These packages usually contain several of the best Xbox Series X games as well as some digital credit and/or accessories like an extra controller. GameStop restocks are often exclusively for PowerUp Reward Pro members as well. 

While this listing making an unannounced return to the GameStop website is certainly an indication that an Xbox Series X restock could be forthcoming, it’s by no means a guarantee. The product page may have been restored to the site in error, especially as the Halo Infinite console was marketed as a limited edition machine so we’re not expecting it to be regularly restocked going forward. 

As we wait to see if a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock does happen at GameStop, make sure to check out our Xbox Series X restock hub. This comprehensive guide is updated daily with the latest restock updates across every single major retailer. We can’t guarantee you a console but we can make the task of securing one a little less difficult. 

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