A big Google Pixel 6 upgrade just got leaked by Android 12

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It looks like Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 smartphone will be getting a long awaited upgrade. A couple of years after Samsung did it with the Galaxy S10, it seems that Google is finally set to follow suit.

It’s not a sure thing, but the evidence comes from the latest developer build of Android 12, and OS previews have previously uncovered secrets of unreleased Pixel devices, so it’s certainly a possibility.  

As first reported by XDA Developers, developer kdrag0n found a bunch of new classes in the SystemUIGoogle app, and one of these is called “UdfpsControllerGoogle”. That may seem like gibberish, but UDFPS is a fairly common acronym for “under-display fingerprint sensor”.

While this could plausibly be general support for the feature in Android more generally, its inclusion in the com.google.android.systemui path rather than in com.android.systemui suggests this is specifically for Pixel phones rather than something generic.

Like Apple, Google initially seemed to see facial recognition as a preferable alternative for unlocking, and the Pixel 4 arrived without any kind of fingerprint reader. But Google’s face unlocking felt a little half baked, and a rear-mounted fingerprint reader was back for the cheaper Pixel 5 in its place. 

This time, it seems Google could instead offer the best of both worlds. A month ago, XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman discovered that the first Developer Preview of Android 12 included references to unlocking handsets “securely with your face and fingerprint.” A scanner built into the screen would certainly ensure a cleaner design, and in a world where we’re still likely to be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future, returning to facial recognition alone would feel like a misstep.

Otherwise, Pixel 6 rumors are pretty thin at the moment, though the upcoming Snapdragon 775 SoC should still give it a significant shot in the arm, with a reported move to 5nm design and generally improved performance. It also wouldn’t be a Pixel phone without image processing ensuring the camera tech punches well above its weight.

Of course, this isn’t the next phone Google has up its sleeve. While the Pixel 6 will likely arrive in October or November, we’ve heard that the next budget entry —  the Google Pixel 5a — could be here as soon as June.  In theory it could come with under-screen fingerprint scanning, but it’s not likely. Not only do the Pixel 5a leaks show a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, the fact that we’re learning about Pixel implementation from the Android 12 Developer Preview pretty much rules it out, given the OS’ recent history of September updates.

Alan Martin

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  • d0x360
    God I hope not. After my experience with the under screen finger print reader on the note 10+ I NEVER want a phone with it under the screen again

    It works about 1/4 the time. I'm sure the technology has slightly improved but it's not a replacement for a dedicated reader.

    I hate it so much that I just bought a pixel 5 ($499.99 new & unlocked about a week ago) to replace the note 10+ I bought on its launch day..well 3 days before because I got a special invite to order early.

    Honestly I wish I never got rid of my note 9 and it's all because of that finger print reader. None of the improvements can make up for the frustration it has caused
  • nduke
    Oh no!!!! I currently have an S20+ because the Pixels were going to facial rec. (or a type in code). I didn't want to use facial rec. and loved the fingerprint reader on the back of the Pixels... until they stopped. So I bought the Samsung because it had an under-screen fingerprint reader. I've been using it for about a year now and I HATE it. It works for about a day before I have to reset the imprint. It's a pain to use if it IS working because if your finger or thumb slides the least little bit on the glass, it doesn't work. It usually takes a good 4-5 tries before it actually works. I'm so sad that the Pixels are doing this now. I have been a Google phone lover and user since the first Nexus phone was released. I hate that so many good features are being dumped just to "keep up". Sometimes "new" isn't always "improved". Just more expensive. Ah well... so long Google phones. I have completely fallen OUT of love with them!