8 new movies and TV shows to watch this weekend: Rick and Morty, iCarly and more

New movies and TV shows: Rick and Morty
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Life may be “getting back to normal” for a lot of people, but a batch of new movies and TV shows are arriving this weekend for anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful night in. These titles can be found on Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Paramount Plus and other streaming services. Just make some popcorn, turn down the lights and settle in for an entertaining binge. Forget FOMO!

With summer movies and summer TV seasons well underday, this weekend brings a wealth of options. The dark, satirical Apple TV comedy Physical is an ‘80s extravaganza that features an intense lead performance by Rose Byrne. The latest Pixar movie, Luca, is a summer adventure tale about the bonds of friendship. And Kevin Hart debuts the heartwarming movie Fatherhood, just in time to celebrate Father’s Day.

Over on Paramount Plus, the iCarly reboot puts a fresh coat of paint on the Nickelodeon favorite. And for horror fans, Evil season 2 is finally here after fans waited for two years. Also on deck is the cable premiere of AMC’s Kevin Can F*** Himself. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of new TV shows and specials available on broadcast and cable. If you’ve cut the cord, just sign up for one of the best cable TV alternatives for access to your favorite channels.

Here are our picks for the new movies and TV shows to watch this weekend.

Streaming now:

Physical (Apple TV Plus)

Series premiere | Season 1, episode 1-3 (TV-MA) | Watch now
The aerobics fad of the ‘80s makes a brightly colored comeback in this super cynical half-hour dramedy, which stars Rose Byrne as a dissatisfied housewife in San Diego. Sheila Rubin is battling many inner demons, most of whom are constantly negging her about her weight and body shape. Her husband Danny (Rory Scovel) is neglectful and flirts with his college students. Then, one day, Sheila spies an aerobics class and gets inspired. She takes her newfound passion, mashes it up with emerging videotape technology, and builds an empire. Sheila herself becomes a lifestyle guru with legions of fans. But can she exorcise, through exercise, all those pesky negative thoughts? 

Luca (Disney Plus)

Movie | 1 hr 35 min (PG) | How to watch Luca online
A lot of media outlets are comparing Luca to Call Me By Your Name, which is a bit strange since one is a Pixar movie about an innocent, youthful friendship and the other is a simmering, sexy adult romance. They both revolve around two male characters and they’re both set in Italy. That’s it — that’s where the similarities end. Luca tells a fairly typical Pixar coming-of-age story. The titular character is a shy sea creature whose parents have forbidden him to go on land, because humans fear (and hunt) them as monsters. But then, his friend, the confident and brash Alberto, persuades Luca to emerge onto land and the two set out to explore the town of Portorosso (a nod to the Studio Ghibli film Porco Rosso). They are having a grand time — befriending a village girl, entering a local foot race — but danger lurks in every droplet of water that could reveal their true identities. 

iCarly (Paramount Plus)

Series premiere | Season 1, episodes 1-3 (TV-G) | How to watch iCarly reboot online
Who wants spaghetti tacos? Because iCarly is back, though a bit older and wiser. But while Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) and friends are more grown-up, the show is still pretty kid-friendly, and not some dark and twisty reboot. It’s got the same goofy humor, just with a little more edge. Someone even says a curse word! That would’ve never flown on Nickelodeon. The story picks up nearly 15 years after the original, as Carly is recovering from a breakup and looking to revive her old web show. She calls on the help of brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) and friend Freddie (Nathan Kress), as well as new roommate Harper (Laci Mosley). This time around, Carly’s got an array of new tech and new platforms to distribute her wacky videos.

Fatherhood (Netflix)

Movie | 1 hr 49 min (PG-13) | Watch now
With Father’s Day taking place this weekend, Netflix has just the heartwarming, dad-celebrating movie to mark the occasion. Based on a true story, Fatherhood stars Kevin Hart as a new father who loses his wife just hours after she gives birth to daughter Maddy. He’s left to raise her on his own, all while grappling with devastation and grief. His parenting journey leads him to learn how to rely on his support network and takes him to some unexpected places.

Elite (Netflix)

Season 4 premiere | Episodes 1-8 (TV-MA) | Watch now
The Spanish teen thriller returns for more scandals, intrigue and death at Las Encinas school. There’s a new director, Benjamín (Diego Martin), roaming the halls, which is understandable since two murders happened under the previous regime. His three teens (Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, Manu Rios) arrive at Las Encinas and cause absolutely no trouble — just kidding. They’re super spoiled and used to getting their way, which doesn’t rub well with returning students like Ander, Rebeka and Guzmán.

Coming soon:

Evil (Paramount Plus)

Season 2 premiere | Episode 1 streams Sunday, June 20 at 3 a.m. ET
Evil will never die (at least, we hope). The show premiered on CBS back in September 2019 and became a hit, so the network quickly ordered a second season. Fans waited, then waited some more for CBS to include Evil on its schedule. Finally, they heard the news that the show was moving to Paramount Plus — a sensible decision, since Evil never seemed to belong on stodgy CBS anyway. In season 2, forensic psychologist Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers) deals with the fallout of offing a possibly-possessed serial killer. Meanwhile, David (Mike Colter) suffers temptation as he gets closer to ordination and Ben(Aasif Mandvi) experiences night terrors about his greatest fears.

Kevin Can F**k Himself (AMC)

Series premiere | Episodes 1-2 air Sunday, June 20 at 9 p.m. ET
This dark satire of sitcom tropes already started streaming early on AMC Plus and now it premieres on the cable network proper. The sitcom wife is familiar to all of us. She’s beautiful and smiles at all her schlubby husband’s jokes — even when they’re about her. This show is seemingly inspired by the comedy Kevin Can Wait and its firing of actress Erinn Hayes. The gorgeous Allison McRoberts (Annie Murphy of Schitt’s Creek) is married to a less attractive but “funny” guy named Kevin (Eric Petersen). His constant ribbing gets a laugh … until she leaves the room, where she faces a bleak reality. Then, Allison decides to revolt against the strictures of her existence This time, the sitcom wife is going to get the last laugh.

Rick and Morty (Adult Swim)

Season 5 premiere | Episode 1 airs Sunday, June 20 at 11 p.m. ET. | Watch Rick and Morty season 5
The mad scientist and his grandson return for more adventures, though Rick and Morty season 5 will be more serialized according to creator Dan Harmon. It picks up with Rick having dinner with his nemesis, Mr. Nimbus, while Morty finally goes on a date with crush Jessica. As usual, intergalactic chaos ensues. But a change is evident when Morty stands up to his grandfather for his constant abuse. Looks like the family is finally tiring of Rick’s selfishness. Maybe he’ll finally change. Ha! We don’t believe that for a second.

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