Nike student discount — how to find the best deals

Nike Student Discount
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If you’re currently in education then the excellent Nike student discount could be just the thing for you. The iconic sportswear and sneakers brand gives students up to 10% off “most items” on its online store. 

That means you can save on everything from the latest trainers to gym clothes and even sports apparel. As far as student discounts go, it's definitely one of the more generous, so we recommend taking advantage of this offer while you’re eligible. 

Here's how to get the Nike student discount, whether you're in the U.S. or U.K. Plus, make sure to check out the season's best back to school sales.

Who is eligible for a Nike student discount?

In the U.S., the Nike student discount website/portal is available to eligible high school, college, and university students over the age of 16. Often, student discounts aren’t open to high school students, so credit to Nike for making its discount available to a wider range of students.

In the U.K., the Nike student discount website/portal is only available to students in higher education or at university.  

What Nike products get a student discount?  

Nike offers a 10% student discount off “most items.” While there isn’t a complete list of excluded items, when you attempt to checkout you will be informed of any items in your basket that are ineligible. 

On the Nike website, you’ll find a wide range of products available from running shoes to yoga wear. Whatever your sporting needs, you’ll find something suitable from Nike. 

It's worth noting that the discount cannot be used in Nike retail stores — it’s only applicable to its webstore. 

How to claim your Nike student discount in the U.S.  

If you live in the U.S., in order to claim your student discount you must be signed up to SheerID, a third-party platform that verifies your student status. After filling in the signup form you will receive a single-use promo code which you enter at checkout to get the 10% discount. 

You can request a promo code every 30 days, so Nike’s student discount isn’t a one-time offer. Receiving a new code will require you to be verified again, but the process is streamlined after the first time. 

How to claim your Nike student discount in the U.K. 

If you live in the U.K., you will need to be signed up to UNiDAYS in order to claim your Nike student discount. This third-party platform is used by a wide range of retailers to offer student exclusive discounts and promotions, so you may already have an account. 

If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for one on the UNiDAYS website. Be aware you will need to use your university or college email address in order to prove your eligibility. 

Once you’ve got a UNiDAYS account you will be given a unique discount code that can be used on the Nike website to get a 10% discount. 

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