What can you watch with a Fire Stick VPN?

What can you watch with a Fire Stick VPN?
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You likely already know how great a Fire Stick is for streaming movies and shows, but did you know a VPN can make it even better? Get the best Fire Stick VPN from our list of the best VPN options and you could have access to movies and shows from the worldwide selection, not just your country. 

Getting the top VPN for your Fire TV Stick is the key, but we've taken care of that for you in the links just mentioned. Now the important part is working out what you can get access to – then you can decide whether it's worth investing in a VPN to give you access to more content at faster rates and with fewer blocking issues.

Our favourite is ExpressVPN because it does everything you could want, does it well, and works especially well on Fire Stick. It also offers 24/7 customer live chat so you should be able to unblock anything you need with a little assistance.

But what do you want to unblock? Read on to find out all the best things you can watch with your VPN. We've listed what's exclusively available on various streaming services in certain countries for ease.

Netflix US

Netflix might have freed up the way we watch content, but it still has restrictions based on location. As such, you can only get certain shows and movies if you're in the right country. This is where a VPN, that lets you appear anywhere, comes into its own. 

US Netflix gets you exclusive access to the likes of Parks and Recreation, The Office US, Twin Peaks, Dexter, The West Wing, and The Twilight Zone.

Netflix UK

UK Netflix also offers plenty of exclusives. These are often in flux and changing as licensing varies, but at the time of publishing they include the likes of Doctor Who, Inside No.9, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Spaced, Fawlty Towers, The Thick of It, I'm Alan Partridge, QI, and Only Fools and Horses.

BBC iPlayer (UK only)

The BBC has a wide selection of exclusive content created for the UK audience that has access to the player – for everyone else, you'll need a UK VPN on your Fire Stick so you can appear to be in the UK to get access.

This means a constantly changing selection, but at the time of publishing it includes documentary Fear Itself, comedy Guz Khan, fresh show A Bus & A Burka, drama Oakwood, comedy Matt Berry: Lone Wolf, Frankie Boyle and Bob Mortimer's Cookery Show, and Micky Flanagan's Foxageddon. Plenty of acerbic Brit wit to keep you going, then.

Netflix Japan

The Japanese Netflix selection of movies and shows is uniquely filled with animated delights and more, so it's little wonder that lots of VPN users head right to Tokyo on their Japan VPN before logging into Netflix. 

Here you can enjoy the likes of classic Rashomon, Academy Award winner Cinema Paradiso, murder mystery delight Knives Out, The Promised Neverland, and plenty more.

Netflix Australia

Down Under there are some great Netflix exclusives that make a VPN more than useful. Some of these include hilarious and heart-warming comedy Detectorists, classic comedy Black Books, Ridley Scott's thrilling American Gangster, psychological mind-bender Coherence, and freaky horror Doctor Sleep.

Hulu (US only)

The US based streaming service Hulu has exclusive access to lots of great movies and shows that a Fire Stick VPN will get you access to. At time of publishing that includes shows like Stephen King's Castle Rock, The Handmaid's Tale, Future Man, Marvel's Runaways, Killing Eve and Living Single. 

Be aware that users need to sign up with a US credit card to access the service, so even a VPN might not work for you. However, if you're a US resident on holiday outside America, a VPN is the perfect choice for accessing Hulu.

Netflix Netherlands

The selection of content on the Dutch Netflix makes it well worth a look. Shows and movies exclusive to The Netherlands include comedy drama Paddleton, documentary Tell Me Who I Am, action movie Wind River, black and white modern slow-burning movie Blue Jay, and tons more.

Netflix India

Exclusive content accessible with an India VPN on Netflix includes shows like horror Ghoul, comedy Husmukh, thriller Bard of Blood, and drama Leila. 

Exclusive movies for India, to name but a few are, romantic comedy Love per Square Foot, drama Serious Men, crime film Class of '83, horror Bulbbul, and dance movie Yeh Ballet.

Peacock (US only)

Peacock, the video on demand streaming service from NBCUniversal and Comcast offers lots of exclusive and original content to US viewers. These include sci-fi drama Brave New World, animated family comedy Madagascar: A Little Wild, comedy A.P. Bio, documentary Black Boys, and drama Anthony.

Unlike Hulu, anyone, anywhere can use a Peacock VPN to access the service because it doesn't require any payment to sign up. Just set your VPN to the US and start watching – plus, if you've never been to the US, even the ads will be interesting!

What's the best VPN for a Fire Stick?

ExpressVPN is the best Fire Stick VPN available.

<a href="https://go.expressvpn.com/c/4550836/1330033/16063?subId1=hawk-custom-tracking&sharedId=hawk&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.expressvpn.com%2Foffer%2Ftomsguide%3Foffer%3D3monthsfree%26a_fid%3D744" data-link-merchant="expressvpn.com"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">ExpressVPN is the best Fire Stick VPN available.
ExpressVPN offers a huge number of servers in more than 90 countries and boasts lightning-quick connection speeds, top-notch security, and split tunneling. That makes it super easy to watch anything on your Fire Stick while browsing the web through your regular connection.

ExpressVPN can also be installed on a wide range of devices beyond the Fire Stick including Smart TVs, PlayStation or Xbox, PC, phones, or tablets. ExpressVPN can even be installed directly on your router, making it even easier to watch shows and movies on all your devices.

And now, Tom's Guide readers can claim three free months of ExpressVPN, plus you'll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can make sure it's the right service for you.

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