7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on Netflix, Paramount Plus and more (May 31-June 2)

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown season 3
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With the temperature rising, kick off summer with new shows and movies to watch this weekend on Netflix, Paramount Plus and other top streaming services.

The weekend lineup is led by "Mayor of Kingstown" season 3, which marks the return of Jeremy Renner to the screen for the first time since his near-fatal snowplow accident. Also on deck is Benedict Cumberbatch as a distraught dad in the emotional thriller limited series "Eric." And one of our faves, "We Are Lady Parts," is finally back for a second season.

On the film side, when you're not viewing summer movies in the theater, get a good scare from "The First Omen" or learn more about the genius of "Sesame Street's" creator in "Jim Henson Idea Man." Here's our guide on what to watch this weekend. And be sure to check out our dedicated roundup on 5 best movies to stream this weekend

New TV

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 3 (Paramount Plus)

Jeremy Renner makes a triumphant and very welcome return to the screen following a near-fatal snowplow accident on New Year’s Day in 2023. The third season of the crime thriller co-created by Taylor Sheridan sees Renner still in fighting form as Mike McLusky, the leader of a town where the primary business is incarceration. He has new problems on his hands, like a recently arrived Russian mob boss and a drug war raging inside and outside prison walls. But Mike's attempts to keep the peace among the different factions are threatened by a familiar face from his past.

Premieres Sunday, June 2 at 3 a.m. ET on Paramount Plus

‘Eric’ (Netflix)

Benedict Cumberbatch looks to add another Emmy to his shelf to match the one he got for “Sherlock.” He stars in this emotional thriller as Vincent, a puppeteer and creator of a popular 1980s children’s television show. His life begins to fall apart when his nine-year-old son disappears on the way to school one morning. Devastated and guilt-ridden, Vincent can barely cope. He clings to his son’s drawings of a blue monster puppet named Eric and becomes convinced that if he can get Eric on TV, his son will come home — much to the dismay of his son's mother, his friends and the police.

Streaming now on Netflix

‘We Are Lady Parts’ season 2 (Peacock)

This is one of the best shows you probably haven't seen. This British comedy is irreverent, hilarious and heartwarming, and features the underrepresented group of Muslim women. And it's some real bops that you won’t be able to get out of your head. After their successful show in the season 1 finale, season 2 continues to follow the punk band comprised of lead guitarist Amina Hussain (Anjana Vasan), frontwoman Saira (Sarah Kameela Impey), bass player Bisma (Faith Omole) and drummer Ayesha (Juliette Motamed). While they've achieved some success following their first show, it doesn't make exploring their identities and dealing with their families any easier.

Streaming now on Peacock

‘The Outlaws’ season 3 (Prime Video)

Prepare to say goodbye to the Outlaws. Creator Stephen Merchant has stated that he has no plans to continue the show beyond the third season. And as delightful as this crime comedy is, perhaps it’s best to go out on a high note. Season 3 begins with the group moving on with their lives now that crime boss The Dean is behind bars awaiting trial. But the shocking return of one of their own and the discovery of a dead body put them all in mortal danger again. 

Streaming now on Prime Video

‘Ren Faire’ (HBO)

Take the themes of "Succession" and the wacky archetypes of "Tiger King," set them at a Renaissance fair and you get this three-episode docuseries from director Lance Oppenheim (“Spermworld”) and producers the Safdie brothers. It focuses on the Texas Renaissance Festival, the largest of its kind in the world, which is ruled by 86-year-old George Coulam. Known as King George, he has accumulated power and wealth. But now, he’s ready to retire and he must choose which of his longtime employees will inherit his crown. The doc employs fantastical elements to explore a tense, comical, yet very real game of thrones. 

Premieres Sunday, June 2 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and Max

New movies

‘The First Omen’ (Hulu)

The latest installment in “The Omen” franchise — which, yes, is a thing — is a prequel to the 1976 original. It follows young American novitiate Margaret Daino (Nell Tiger Free) as she arrives in Rome to begin a life of service to the church. She bonds with an orphan girl named Carlita, only to discover a truly sinister plot from Father Brennan (Ralph Ineson). Radicals plan to bring about the birth of the Antichrist, by Carlita, in order to create fear and drive people back to the church. As Margaret investigates the matter, she learns even more terrible truths that threaten to shake her faith.

Streaming now on Hulu

‘Jim Henson: Idea Man’ (Disney Plus)

The life and career of singular creative visionary Jim Henson is explored in this documentary by director Ron Howard. It chronicles his rise from puppeteering on local television to the worldwide success of “Sesame Street,” “The Muppet Show” and beyond to films like “Dark Crystal” and Labyrinth.” The doc notes all of the iconic characters Henson created, from Big Bird to Miss Piggy to the Cookie Monster. Howard received complete cooperation from the Henson family, so the doc includes unprecedented access to never-before-seen archival home movies, photographs, sketches and personal diaries.

Streaming now on Disney Plus

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