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Are you into high fashion? Do you j'adore Dior? February's slate what's new on Apple TV Plus is delivering a heaping helping of haute couture with a side of sci-fi thrills. 

"The New Look" follows legendary designer Christian Dior (Ben Mendelsohn) and the iconic Coco Chanel (Juliette Binoche) as they introduce breathtaking new fashion as the horrors of World War II rain down around them. It's an interesting juxtaposition, those two concepts, but that's why this series looks so interesting. 

Meanwhile, "Constellation" is an exciting new sci-fi series starring Noomi Rapace as Jo, an astronaut who returns home from working on the International Space Station to find that her work might have had bigger implications than she thought. 

For you sports fans out there, there's also "The Dynasty: New England Patriots" and "Messi's World Cup: Rise of a Legend", both explorations of huge names in the athletic world that you won't want to miss. 

For more recommendations, see everything new on Prime Video in February, as well as what's new on Disney Plus. There's plenty out there to enjoy across the various streaming services right now if you know where to look. 

'The New Look'

This drama follows luminaries of the fashion world like Christian Dior (Ben Mendelsohn), Coco Chanel (Juliette Binoche) as they survive some of the darkest days of the 20th century while simultaneously changing the fashion world. While the harrowing events of World War II unfold around them, these iconic designers and others gave birth to a new era of style that would define modern fashion. Though the horrors of war threatened to keep them down, these icons of the fashion world flourished and soon gew into the legendary names in couture that we know today. 

Premieres Feb. 14 on Apple TV Plus

'The Dynasty: New England Patriots' 

Sports fans, get ready for a deep dive into the legacy of the New England Patriots. Across 10 episodes, this docuseries takes a look at the rise and rise of the popular football team. Drawing from Jeff Benedict's New York Times bestseller, it takes viewers into the inner sanctum of the Patriots' rise to the top. With candid interviews from figures like Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft, this look at the ethos and the people that propelled the New England Patriots to the pinnacle of football glory should keep fans' furor for football sated long after the Super Bowl

Premieres Feb. 16 on Apple TV Plus

'Messi's World Cup: Rise of a Legend' 

This series explores the journey of Lionel Messi and the Argentine national football team to the World Cup. It follows Messi throughout his odyssey across five FIFA World Cup tournaments, culminating in a heart-stopping victory in Qatar 2022. Through personal interviews with Messi himself, teammates, and other key figures in the football world, this documentary offers plenty of insight into Messi's relentless pursuit of greatness and the mark he's undoubtedly left on the sport. 

Premieres Feb. 21 on Apple TV Plus


Jo (Noomi Rapace) is an astronaut who ends up faced with bizarre anomalies following her return home from working on the International Space Station. As she struggles to piece together her new reality, Jo works to get to the bottom of why life feels so unknowable and fragmented now that she's back from space. For instance, why is she seeing her daughter in multiple places? Why does she have a piano when she's never played? Something – or someone – came back home, but was it Jo or someone else entirely?

Premieres Feb. 21 on Apple TV Plus

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