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This year’s crop of Prime Day video games deals are offering the chance to save big on some of the 2022’s biggest releases including Elden Ring, Sifu and Uncharted The Legacy of Thieves Collection — but I’ve just found an offer that blows all other Prime Day gaming discount out of the water. 

Every month Prime Gaming, which is included with an Amazon Prime subscription, offers a rotating selection of video games for free. In the past, picks have included classics like Dead Space 2 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but to mark Prime Day 2022 Amazon has truly gone all out offering 30 individual games for free

The pick of the bunch is undoubtedly Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PC) for free on Prime Gaming. There are no strings attached here, the full game is available to claim now and once redeemed it’s yours to keep forever. I’ve spotted some brilliant Prime Day PS5 deals, not to mention plenty of tempting Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals, but none of them can beat a freebie of this quality. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PC): Free @ Prime Gaming

Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PC): <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Free @ Prime Gaming
Bringing together the original Mass Effect trilogy into a single package, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the ultimate way to experience these genre-defining action RPGs. All three games have been given a visual and performance boost, and all DLC content is included. Whether you're a newcomer or veteran, you need to play through this almost unbeatable collection. 

Released last May, Mass Effect Legendary Edition packages together the original Mass Effect trilogy that was released between 2007 and 2012. Across the three games, you play as Commander Shepard, a fully customizable protagonist, and must work together with a crew of eclectic characters to stop an intergalactic threat from destroying the universe. The games were critically acclaimed for their combination of cinematic storytelling and enjoyable third-person shooting. 

The Legendary Edition is no quick port job either. Each game has been given a facelift to look better than ever. This is particularly true of the first Mass Effect which has definitely aged over the last 15 years, but thanks to this collection it now looks and plays better than ever. The Legendary Edition also includes every single DLC pack and expansion for all three games.

The reason this is such a good deal isn’t just because Mass Effect Legendary Edition is relatively new, or at least much newer than you’d expect for a game being given away for free, but also because of the sheer quality of these games. The original Mass Effect trilogy is comprised of three of the best sci-fi games ever made, they join together to tell an epic story with beloved characters you’ll really care about. It was a worthwhile purchase at full price, free it's a knockout deal. 

If you’ve not played through the Mass Effect saga before then you’ve no excuse now, and if you’ve already played through Commander Shepard’s tale once before, this collection is the perfect excuse to replay these phenomenal games. Plus, if you want even more sci-fi action Amazon is also giving away a trio of Star Wars games on Prime Gaming as well. 

If any of the 30 games catch your eye make sure to claim them now, this promotion is set to end tomorrow (Wednesday, July 13). So, don’t miss your chance to enjoy one of the best trilogies in all of gaming for absolutely nothing, this Prime Day deal really is out of this world. 

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