Nintendo Switch games crash to $4 in Game Awards sale

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Big discounts on the best Nintendo Switch games are fairly rare, but to mark the Game Awards 2022 the Nintendo eShop is running a critically acclaimed partner sale. While this selection of discounts may not have the most catchy name, it’s well worth your time as it sees excellent Nintendo Switch title drop to as low as $4. 

This latest Nintendo eShop sale is scheduled to run through to Sunday, December 18 and offers the chance to save up to 70% on a wide selection of Nintendo Switch games. The discounted titles range from time-sink RPGs like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition to beloved indie favorites such as Celeste and Hades. Whatever type of gamer you are there are likely some Nintendo Switch deals for you here.

Nintendo eShop sale: up to 70% off @ Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop sale: up to 70% off @ Nintendo eShop
To mark the Game Awards, the Nintendo eShop is slicing up to 70% off top Nintendo Switch games. While the sale doesn't include any Mario or Zelda games, it does offer big savings on top titles such as Skyrim, Hades, Celeste and Portal Companion Collection. These deals are set to run through Sunday, December 18. 

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Let’s get the bad news out of the way first, there are no Nintendo first-party games included in this sale. So if you were looking for a discount on Breath of the Wild or one of many Mario titles on Switch, unfortunately, you won’t find any here. But that shouldn’t distract from how many fantastic Switch games are reduced here. In fact, some of the hybrid console's best games are currently available at lowest prices ever. 

There are big savings on hugely-popular indie games in particular. Charming farming simulator Stardew Valley has dropped to just $9, while delightfully difficult platformer Celeste is $4. Pulse-raising sidescroller Katana Zero is 40% off (now just $8), and isometric action-adventure title Death’s Door is half-off even though it only released earlier this year. 

Plus, popular Nintendo Switch ports have also been slashed in price. The Anniversary Edition of Skyrim is 50% off, and if you already own the base game you can get just the Anniversary Edition DLC for $15 (that’s a 20% discount). Doom Eternal, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, Diablo 3 Eternal Collection and Portal Companion Collection are also included in this sizeable sale. 

Historically, Nintendo Switch games hold their price significantly longer than games on rival platforms such as PS5 and Xbox Series X, so don’t pass up this chance to score big savings on some of the system’s best games. Sure, this sale might not include Zelda, Mario or Metroid, but we’d definitely argue the likes of Hades, Hollow Knight and Undertale are equally essential, especially at these heavily discounted prices. 

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