Memorial Day deal: Save $55 on this PS5-ready Samsung SSD

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Memorial Day sales are here, and with it comes discounts on some gadgets and gear that might normally be just out of reach. If you were lucky enough to get yourself a PS5, then this deal might just be for you.

The Samsung 980 Pro SSD with Heatsink on sale for $174 at Amazon. This PS5-compatible heatsink is $55 off the normal price, and lets you add an extra 1TB of storage to your console. Considering how much current-gen console expansion costs, any discount this big is a serious win.

Samsung 980 Pro SSD with Heatsink (1TB): was 229 now $174 @ Amazon

Samsung 980 Pro SSD with Heatsink (1TB): was 229 now $174 @ Amazon
You can save $55 on this PS5-ready SSD from Samsung, letting you increase the amount of available storage by more than double. The best part is you won't even notice you're not using the console's built-in SSD.

The PS5 only offers 825GB of storage, and as we noted in our PS5 review only 667.2GB is available for you to use. When games can top 100GB in size, you can fill up that space pretty quickly. So it pays to have a compatible SSD to expand what Sony gave you. The Samsung 980 Pro SSD is one great option to choose from.

This drive is listed as PS5 compatible, and has the all-important heat sink to optimize performance. Samsung promises the 980 Pro will maintain speed, power and efficiency, to prevent overheating from forcing a break in your gaming session. Plus with the PCIe 4.0 interface, you won’t even notice that games weren’t stored on your console’s internal SSD.

Of course, 1TB isn’t a huge amount, even if it does more than double your available storage space. The good news is that a 2TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD with heatsink is $294 on Amazon right now. That’s a saving of $105, and means you won’t be filling up your available storage anytime soon.

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