I'm a personal trainer — my favorite ab workout accessory is now $40 for Black Friday

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The Plankpad has revolutionized planking, and you can scoop up a discount right now before the Black Friday sales officially kick off. 

If I've learned anything about living in small city apartments, it's that you need to be smart about home gym equipment. Cumbersome rowing machines and treadmills might not fit in my home, but that doesn't mean I can't maximize my core workouts using clever accessories.

The Plankpad is one item I've been getting to know over the last year, and if you want to upskill the best ab exercises this winter, I recommend jumping on this Black Friday deal. Right now, the Plankpad is just $89 at Amazon, which is 31% off. 

Plankpad PRO plank and balance board: was $129 now $89 @ Amazon

Plankpad PRO plank and balance board: was $129 now $89 @ Amazon
Level up your planks with the gaming tool. Each pack comes with a balance board, protective mat and a partner app to gamify your experience. Yep, you can play games and train your core, arms, shoulders and glute muscles hard. And if a 30-day ab challenge is up your street, the Plankpad comes with a how-to.

Why I love the Plankpad: Gamifying your plank

I spent time using a Plankpad every day to see how I got on with the balance board, and I had loads of fun. If you haven’t heard of a Plankpad before, the interactive core trainer partners with its own gaming app, which turns a torturous plank activity into an experience using your smartphone or tablet. 

The Plankpad isn't just a core trainer. It also strengthens your shoulders, arms, glutes, lower back, hips and legs. Available on iOS and Android, you can access follow-along fitness games and workouts that respond to your movement on the pad. If you trust your balance enough, you can even stand on it.

If you’re competitive, you can even play others by connecting to a smart TV, competing for high scores and testing your planking credentials.

The pad comes with a non-slip mat and responds best when you put your phone on top of the Plankpad, which helps it calibrate and detect movement better. You can choose between interval training and workouts lasting 30-240 seconds. Along the bottom of the screen, a moving scale responds to your efforts, and if your form slips, it flashes red. You can also choose difficulty levels and the app gives pointers for correct posture and keeping form tight.

If you’re competitive, you can even play others by connecting to a smart TV, competing for high scores and testing your planking credentials by seeing who can last the longest. But move fast this Black Friday, as we expect this deal to fly.

Writer Sam testing the Plankpad in her home in a high plank position

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