Apple Modernizes iOS 5 With Android-like Notifications, BBM-like Messaging, and PC Free

Apple is well-known for its user-centric design. The company has a reputation for making products are simple to use and very user friendly. Compared to some other mobile operating systems, however, iOS has always lagged behind the competition in one area or another.

In the beginning it was copy and paste, then multitasking. Of late was Apple's intrusive notification system that it hadn't evolved in the slightest bit. At today's Apple WWDC event, however, iOS 5 was demonstrated to get the platform caught up -- and then some.

Check out a rundown of all the new iOS features coming this Fall to the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, and 3G and 4G iPod touches.

iOS 5 New Features

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  • LOL@ "with iOS5, we've taken an operating system that was already years ahead..."
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  • That's almost as amazing as their revolutionary cloud service! What a concept!
  • LOL@ "with iOS5, we've taken an operating system that was already years ahead..."
  • This is a god send!!! All hail to Steve & Co. for giving us the feature enjoyed by android all along, on the most advanced mobile os that is the ios which didn't even have copy/paste and multi-tasking until the revolutionary evolution. Not to mention for the first time people can own an apple gadgets without needing a mac or pc! This is what I call innovation! ios 5 is gonna be awesome!

    I like how in the video they are so proud and full of themselves. Wifi sync is cool though, if you own a mac and use itune.